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Modular Office Systems

Modular Office Systems

Modular Office Systems

If you have a big empty building you want to divide up into multiple office spaces, you may have considered hiring a construction team to build an office system. However, modular office systems are incredibly flexible structures with more advantages than a conventionally constructed office system due to their fast and clean construction, reusable materials, and quality design.

Fast & Clean Construction

Conventional construction requires the coordination of a variety of trades for the various aspects of the project, which can delay any office systems project.  Porta-King’s modular buildings save time by arriving with all materials necessary to complete the entire construction project. This includes:

  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Ceiling system
  • Any electric components

In addition, materials from conventional construction are fabricated on-site and leave dust and debris to clean up. Modular office systems are cut to size at our factory. Therefore, there is no on-site fabrication and the construction process is incredibly clean.

Reusable Materials

While moving conventional construction requires demolishing the original structure, all materials supplied with a Porta-King modular office are reusable. Porta-King provides redesign services for free regardless of whether or not you need to purchase additional materials to complete your new design. You can move the structure and reassemble or modify the structure without losing the initial investment.

Quality Design

The quality design of our modular office systems is equal to or better than what you would expect from conventional construction. While conventional stud-constructed walls can include a hollow cavity that is impact-susceptible, modular office systems have a solid insulating core that, in combination with the wall surface, provides:

  • Excellent insulation
  • An impact resistant surface
  • Sound attenuating properties

This design creates a comfortable office inside any environment, even a noisy manufacturing factory.

Why You Should Choose the Porta-King Team

With over 160,000 square feet of manufacturing space, we have unsurpassed manufacturing capabilities. However, Porta-King’s real strength comes from our unbeatable team of engineers, field sales personnel, and customer service representatives.

  • Our engineering team has over 100 years of combined experience in modular building design.
  • We have experienced field sales personnel located in cities throughout the US who can meet locally with our customer to review our products and discuss application requirements.
  • Our inside customer service team is well versed and highly experienced, offering quick turn around on quotes or answers to any customer questions.

Call us today to hire The Porta-King Team for your modular building project.


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