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Prefabricated Walls

Prefabricated Walls

prefabricated walls provide a quick and easy installation alternative to a conventionally constructed wall system due to their economic, design, and quality material benefits.

Economic Benefits of Prefabricated Walls

Porta-King partitions are typically less expensive than conventional construction because:

  • Our prefabricated wall systems are designed in house, saving you the additional cost of an architect or space planner
  • We offer free on-site consultations to assist you with your partition design
  • The pre-engineered design means faster installation, leading to reduced on-site labor costs

In addition, all panels and framing components are pre-cut and mitered to fit your specific layout. By eliminating on-site fabrication, it is less expensive to clean up after the installation is complete.

Free Re-Design Services Anytime, Anywhere

Most customers re-design their prefabricated walls at least once during the life of the system. Luckily once you have purchased a Porta-King prefabricated wall system, all future redesign services are free of charge. Even if you don’t require new materials, we’ll still show you how to reutilize your initial investment into a new configuration by creating a new design layout. This layout will identify how all current components will be incorporated along with any new components required to achieve your new system.

Not only do our free re-design services make our prefabricated walls a wiser investment compared to less-flexible conventional construction, but this sustainable design feature may also be applied toward LEED certification.

Quality Products for a Long-Term Solution

All components used prefabricated walls are shipped with a pre-finished surface. The prefinished design of our office partitions also means less maintenance. In most instances, cleaning up is as simple as wiping down the surface with a wet cloth. 

The solid insulating cavity we use in our prefabricated walls makes them more impact-resistant in comparison to a hollow cavity stud wall.  

The sound performance of our office walls is equal to or better than open stud conventional construction, greatly reducing noise transmission between individual work spaces. With the addition of optional materials we can achieve an STC rating as high as 47 with and average decibel (dB) reduction level of 48.

Why Should You Choose the Porta-King Team?

With over 160,000 square feet of manufacturing space, we have unsurpassed manufacturing capabilities. However, Porta-King’s real strength comes from our unbeatable team of engineers, field sales personnel, and customer service representatives.

  • Our engineering team has over 100 years of combined experience in modular building design.
  • We have experienced field sales personnel located in cities throughout the US who can meet locally with our customer to review our products and discuss application requirements.
  • Our inside customer service team is well versed and highly experienced, offering quick turn around on quotes or answers to any customer questions.

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