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Wall Partitions

Wall Partitions

A company’s office needs can change over time.  A factory can require modification to their existing floor plan layout to accommodate changes to manufacturing processes, and other issues can pop up that require adjusting quickly and conveniently.  Wall partitions allow warehouses to set up and take down walls easily and redesign a space to meet their needs. At Porta-King, we can set up these wall partitions in any design or configuration you need. 

Not only do these walls allow for flexibility of design, they are also much cheaper than conventional walls.  The ultimate cost can often be less expensive than with walls made from drywall and other conventional materials.  This is especially true when you consider the set up is much faster, it cuts down on labor costs and lost productivity as the walls are being constructed and assembled. 

Wall partitions are also better for the environment than traditional walls.  Because these walls are produce under controlled factory conditions there is much better utilization of raw materials which means less waste. Additionally, much of the material used to create these walls is recyclable.  Since they can also be repositioned and reconfigured, it will cut down on future building supplies should the warehouse space need to be updated.  Not only will your pocketbook be happy, the Earth will be happy, too. 

Wall partitions are also more durable than traditional walls.  These walls consist of a solid insulating core which means they are far more impact resistant than traditional stud and drywall construction.  They can also be comprised of materials that are not susceptible to termite damage or damage from other unwanted pests.  Therefore you can be confident that these walls will stand for as long as you need them.

At Porta-King, we can design modular offices that are specific to your building needs.  From small, single room offices to two-story, multi-room structures, we can design our wall partitions to your exact demands. 

For almost 45 years, Porta-King has been the trusted name in modular offices and modular buildings.  Give us a call today and let us know how we can help better organize your warehouse space!



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Wall Partition

At Porta-King, we can design wall partitions that match your application requirements. From a small, free standing office space to a 100,000 square foot multi-purpose floor, plan, our wall parittions offer you a better alternative to convertional construction.  


Wall Partition enhances safety around hazardous work areas
Our modular walls can be used to quickly create privacy walls around sensitive work environments. These 12" tall wall partitions provide protection for plant personnel and visitors. 


Wall Partitions used to create break areas inside auto plant

We supplied these wall partitions to an auto manufacturer facility to create a series of break areas through the plant. These 3" Versa_king panels include an interior and exterior surface of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). 



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