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Prefabricated Towers

Prefabricated Towers

A prefabricated tower from Porta-King offers the perfect solution of economy, strength and durability and fast deployment. Perfect for guards, range-masters, and security personnel.


  • Eliminate expensive on-site construction costs – conventional construction requires on-site welding that is not needed on a Porta-King prefabricated tower and – there is no compromise to strength and integrity.
  • Comfort in the knowledge that the investment you make can be moved or modified at anytime in the future without any loss in your initial materials investment.
  • Pre-engineered products which streamlines design and architect time
  • Products comes from one source versus many which eliminates the majority of coordination of contractor from various trades.


  • We offer custom layouts designed to your specifications to coordinate with existing building designs.
  • We offer free design assistance so that your Porta-King tower will match the unique design requirements of individual projects.
  • We can install our products anywhere in North America
  • Our time tested durable construction features ensure our towers provide years of trouble free service.
  • Our towers are in use at a wide range of customer types including prisons, ranges, security facilities, military bases, etc.


Project completion for a prefabricated tower versus conventional construction is shorter for various reasons such as:

  • Pre-engineered products which streamlines design and architect time.
  • Products come from one vendor / contractor versus many which eliminates the majority of contractor coordination and scheduling.
  • No welding needed on site greatly reduces deployment time.

Strong and Attractive

  • Constructed utilizing all structural steel components designed in strict compliance with the IBC (International Building Code).
  • Factory welded stair design including code compliant guards, provides a stronger stair than field assembled designs.
  • All PK Structures towers are fully galvanized to protect from the harshest environmental conditions.
  • Porta-King systems integration between towers and prefabricated buildings insures proper fit and function between both products.
  • Porta-King Building Systems Galvanized Bar Grate decking to allow snow, ice and rain to dissipate rapidly. Our unique construction features, developed over 40 plus years of manufacturing, create a superior finished product.

Supports Sustainable Design

  • Pre-fabricated components are sized prior to shipping, yielding a dramatically cleaner jobsite when compared to conventional construction – this also aids in less disruption to operations during construction
  • All material purchased can be reused if the tower is moved to a new location or incorporated into a re-designed structure to facilitate new space requirements.

Content ImagePorta-King Building Systems offers more prefabricated and modular building solutions than any other manufacturer. All of these products have attributes that support the efforts of those companies and organizations who want to incorporate a sustainable design philosophy into their business. 

In addition, we can support various elements toward securing LEED certification for both new and retrofit construction projects with all of the products we manufacture.
Find more details on our Design Resource Center website.

The Porta-King Team

  • Our engineering team has over 100 years of combined experience in the design of prefabricated products. 
  • We are better prepared to handle complex design requirements.
  • We have experienced field sales personnel located in cities throughout the US.
  • We are available to meet locally with our customer to review our products and discuss application requirements.
  • Our inside customer service team is well versed and highly experienced.
  • We offer quick turn around on quotes and we are ready to answer customer questions.
  • We have unsurpassed manufacturing capabilities with over 160,000 square feet of manufacturing space.
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State Department

Porta-King Building Systems has received confirmation of our registration with the United States Department of State as a manufacturer and exporter of defense articles as required by the Arms Export Control Act (AECA) and the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR Part 122).