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Ballistic-Rated Guard Booths & Buildings

At many industrial facilities, government and military installations maintaining security onsite is paramount. Ballistic rated guard buildings are designed to provide optimum protection for security personnel who perform their duties in high risk environments.

Rapid Deployment of Your Guard Booth to Ensure the Safety and Comfort of Your Team.

Our ballistic-rated buildings are delivered to your site fully assembled and ready for immediate occupancy. This includes all interior build-outs, including optional factory plumbed restrooms to support 24/7 security operations.

Meet Security Guidelines with Structures Engineered for Maximum Protection.

When your site must meet security standards, rely on Porta-King to be a step ahead with processes and materials that surpass safety expectations.

  • Superior Design to Ensure Safety – Solid sheets of high strength steel are used for each wall to create a seamless ballistic barrier from grade level to the roof line. This design creates a ballistic rated envelope free of seams that can create potential zones of weakness.
  • Construction That Meets Ballistic Rating – A wide array of threat levels can be addressed with a range of ballistic ratings that meet UL or NIJ design requirements.
  • Unsurpassed Fit and Finish – Unlike competitors that take short cuts in the fabrication process to reduce their costs, we take the extra steps necessary to create a finished product that looks better and lasts longer.
  • Architectural Features That Impress – Our gallery highlights the many custom design features we can incorporate into our ballistic-rated buildings.

Ballistic-Rated Guard Booth Video Gallery

On site off-loading and installation of a Porta-King Building Systems’ prefabricated Durasteel Guard Building. This Porta-King prefabricated building features custom exterior wall panels and an integral, factory plumbed restroom. The building arrived at the job site on a flat bed truck as a completely fabricated, pre-wired and plumbed unit. The off-loading and installation was accomplished in a matter of a few hours and was lifted from overhead using the crane and optional roof mounted lifting lugs.

We take you on a tour of this new Durasteel security booth installed inside the entrance of a multilevel parking garage at a hospital in New York.  The building was shipped to the site fully assembled and ready for use by the guards that provide 24/7 security services.

Porta-King has the Production Capacity and Onsite Support You Need.

No one offers a more comprehensive program to meet your expectations than us. This includes great customer service, experienced designers, unsurpassed production capacity, and excellent onsite support. Here is what you can expect:

  • Two facilities totaling 160,000 square feet of manufacturing space
  • Outstanding onsite support through regional sales offices located throughout the United States
  • Unlimited design capabilities to address your unique application requirements
  • Fifty plus years of design and fabrication experience

When the threat level demands it, Porta-King creates solutions for prefabricated guard booths that meet your site’s unique safety needs. Contact us for more information.

Ballistic-Rated Guard Booths & Buildings

Case Studies

Guard booth with brick exterior

Enhancing Security Measures with Customized Guard Buildings

Tractor Trailer Storage Guard Booth

Prefab Guard Booths for Your Tractor Trailer Storage Site

Reinforced Guard Booth

Porta King Builds Reinforced Guard Booths to Aid Access Control at Schools

Duraluminum Rendering
Ballistic-Rated Guard Booths & Buildings

Design & Construction Options

Our preassembled buildings arrive fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Our high quality, aesthetically pleasing designs are ideal for quickly creating a permanent structure with the added flexibility that enables it to be easily moved to a new location at anytime.