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Scale Houses

Prefabricated scale houses are designed to perform in the harshest environments. Whether you choose the Duraluminum with anodized aluminum structural and fiberglass reinforced plastic finish or Durasteel with galvanized steel and a two-part polyurethane painted finish, you are purchasing a structure designed to meet and exceed your expectations.

Monitor Equipment Comfortably & Safely

When working, staff needs a safe and comfortable environment where they can both monitor equipment and be protected from the elements. Prefabricated scale houses are designed to last with minimal maintenance with galvanized components.

See the Custom Scale House We Created For Grossman Iron & Steel

Video Gallery

On site off-loading and installation of a Porta-King Building Systems’ prefabricated Durasteel Guard Building. This Porta-King prefabricated building features custom exterior wall panels and an integral, factory plumbed restroom. The building arrived at the job site on a flat bed truck as a completely fabricated, pre-wired and plumbed unit. The off-loading and installation was accomplished in a matter of a few hours and was lifted from overhead using the crane and optional roof mounted lifting lugs.
We take you on a brief tour of one of the prefabricated structures Porta-King built for Suntrax testing facility. The operator booth is a 24×10 unit that is prewired. It contains a drop ceiling and tile floor as well as a fully operational plumbed restroom system. It is complaint with the code of the state of Florida.

In this video we walk you through a 12’ x 26’ Durasteel PC press box with mezzanine structure, viewing deck and overhead canopy at Delbarton High School in Morris Township, New Jersey.

Custom Designed for Your Needs

Scale houses are preassembled, meaning they arrive onsite ready for immediate use. They are custom designed to your specific design requirements. Time tested design features ensure your satisfaction. All Porta-King scales houses are available with a variety of standard and customizable features:

  • All anodized aluminum or durable all welded steel construction for years of maintenance-free use
  • Climate control systems pre-wired for convenience and user comfort
  • Restrooms so staff doesn’t have to leave the building to take a break
  • Custom shelving and cabinetry to support equipment or for storage of supplies
  • Custom roofs to enhance aesthetics or improve function
  • Exterior wall treatments like brick, stone, and others to address specific aesthetic requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my construction options for a Porta-King scale house?

Porta-King offers two primary construction options for the base design of your scale house: steel or anodized aluminum (with FRP finished surface). The steel buildings, known as Durasteel, feature an epoxy-painted surface that provides durability and protection against the elements. The aluminum buildings, called Duraluminum, consist of a mechanically fastened anodized aluminum framework that offers superior resistance to corrosion and weathering. Both construction options are designed to provide long-lasting performance and a professional appearance, ensuring that your scale house can withstand the demands of your specific application. When selecting the construction type for your scale house, it’s essential to consider factors such as environmental conditions, aesthetic preferences, and budget to choose the option that best suits your needs.

Does Porta-King offer standard models for scale houses?

While Porta-King identifies every scale house or preassembled building with a model number, they do not offer truly standard models. Each scale house is custom-built to order, taking into account the specific requirements and preferences of the customer. The model numbers are used to identify the type of construction (Steel or Aluminum) and the size of the building, with the numbers representing dimensions in feet or inches, respectively. This customized approach allows Porta-King to tailor each scale house to the unique needs of the application, ensuring optimal functionality and performance. When ordering a scale house from Porta-King, you can expect a personalized solution that addresses your specific requirements, rather than a one-size-fits-all standard model.

How secure are Porta-King’s scale houses for protecting expensive equipment?

Porta-King’s scale houses are designed with the primary goal of protecting personnel and equipment, making them an ideal choice for applications that involve expensive or sensitive machinery. With over 50 years of experience in manufacturing preassembled buildings, Porta-King has continually refined its designs to ensure that customers receive structures that provide long-lasting protection for their valuable assets. The company’s commitment to quality materials, expert engineering, and precise manufacturing processes results in scale houses that are built to withstand the demands of harsh environments and potential security threats. When investing in a Porta-King scale house, you can have confidence that your equipment and personnel will be well-protected, allowing you to focus on your core operations without worrying about the security of your assets.

Can Porta-King supply an elevated scale house to service trucks entering and exiting a facility?

Yes, Porta-King can provide an elevated scale house to service trucks entering and exiting your facility. In addition to manufacturing scale houses, Porta-King also produces mezzanines, which are structural steel platforms commonly used in manufacturing operations to increase storage space. The design of these mezzanines can be modified to fit under the base frame of Porta-King’s scale houses, elevating them to the desired height for servicing trucks. These platforms are typically galvanized to ensure they resist harsh environmental conditions, providing a durable and long-lasting solution for your elevated scale house needs. By combining their expertise in scale house manufacturing with their experience in producing mezzanines, Porta-King can deliver a customized, elevated solution that meets the specific requirements of your facility’s truck traffic.

Can a Porta-King representative visit my site to explain the installation process for a scale house?

Yes, Porta-King has regional managers located in major cities across the country who can visit your site to provide expert guidance on the installation process for your scale house. These experienced professionals are well-versed in all aspects of Porta-King’s products, including scale houses, and can offer valuable assistance throughout the entire project lifecycle. From initial site reviews and product design to code compliance and installation support, Porta-King’s regional managers are equipped to help you navigate the process of acquiring and installing a scale house that meets your specific needs. By leveraging their expertise, you can ensure that your scale house installation proceeds smoothly and efficiently, resulting in a high-quality, functional structure that serves your facility for years to come.

Can Porta-King supply a building permit for my scale house?

No, Porta-King does not secure building permits directly. However, they can assist you with the permitting process by providing the necessary documentation and information required by your local authorities. This includes engineering calculations and a stamped set of detailed construction drawings from a Professional Engineer (PE) certified in your state, which are essential for demonstrating compliance with local building codes and regulations. Porta-King can also supply energy calculations and other relevant information that may be needed for the permitting process. By providing these resources, Porta-King helps to streamline the permitting process, allowing you to obtain the necessary approvals more efficiently. Ultimately, the responsibility for securing the building permit lies with the customer, but Porta-King’s support and expertise can make the process much smoother and less time-consuming.

How are Porta-King’s scale houses transported to my location?

Porta-King’s scale houses are shipped on flatbed trucks and securely strapped in place to ensure stability during transport. The size and type of trailer used will depend on the specific dimensions of your scale house, taking into account its length, width, and height. This customized approach to shipping ensures that your scale house arrives at your location safely and in pristine condition. To guarantee the integrity of your new scale house, Porta-King encourages customers to thoroughly inspect the structure upon arrival and prior to signing the bill of lading. This allows you to identify any potential issues or damage that may have occurred during transit and address them promptly with the delivery personnel and Porta-King’s customer service team. By prioritizing secure transport and encouraging thorough inspections, Porta-King demonstrates its commitment to delivering high-quality scale houses that meet your expectations and requirements.

Scale Houses

Case Studies

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Duraluminum Rendering
Scale Houses

Design & Construction Options

Our preassembled buildings arrive fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Our high quality, aesthetically pleasing designs are ideal for quickly creating a permanent structure with the added flexibility that enables it to be easily moved to a new location at anytime.