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Turnstile Shelters

Porta-King prefabricated turnstile shelters will protect turnstiles from inclement weather especially if keycard readers or other sensitive access control equipment is included. Because units can be shipped fully assembled, installation can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Increase Security at Your Facility With Turnstile Shelters

Access into government or factory buildings need to be strictly controlled for security reasons, which is where turnstiles come in. If your turnstile is outdoors and has equipment like key card readers and other access control features, a turnstile shelter will protect it from being damaged by the weather.

Turnstile shelters also prevent trespassers from climbing over the turnstiles and gaining unauthorized access to your grounds. We also install an additional steel tube frame under the shelter’s windows to prevent anyone from sliding under the shelter to get onto the property. A must-have to help protect your employees, equipment, and buildings.

Quick, Easy Construction

No matter how limited the space where your turnstile is, the custom design of our turnstile shelters can be adapted to make it fit. A forklift is typically used installation but a crane can also be used when the space around the site is very limited. That way, construction is flexible and there is no need to alter the space. Turnstile shelters arrive fully constructed and are quickly installed by being bolted down on your new or existing concrete slab.

Construction options for turnstile shelters include:

  • Add lighting so employees or security cameras will be able to better see who is coming through the turnstile, increasing security.
  • Standard fixed window glazing of 3/16 inch tempered safety glass can be tinted to reduce glare or replaced with optional polycarbonate glazing to resist breakage. Standard designs include full height glazing with 70” tall windows on two sides.

Porta-King’s expert designers and engineers will work with you for a free on-site consultation to help you design your turnstile shelter.

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Turnstile Shelters

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Turnstile Shelters

Design & Construction Options

Our modular buildings are designed to create highly functional space anywhere inside your facility. The pre-engineered components that we provide to construct our modular buildings are designed to be easy to install so your down time in the area of construction is dramatically reduced when compared to conventional construction. The result is a high quality, durable building that will provide years of trouble free service.