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Welcome to Porta-King Building Systems.

Since 1969 our modular inplant offices, prefabricated mezzanines, outdoor equipment enclosures, and guard booths have been used for thousands of unique construction applications across North America and throughout the world. We provide our customers with cost effective, highly functional, easy to assemble alternatives to conventional construction.

Porta-King Building Systems offers more prefabricated and modular buildings than any other manufacturer. We offer five different types of prefabricated buildings and shelter systems that include high-level ballistic rated construction. We manufacture eight different types of modular wall systems, structural steel mezzanines and towers. All of these products have attributes that support the efforts of those companies and organizations that want to incorporate a sustainable design philosophy into their business.

We believe the key to our success has been our ability, and willingness, to adapt to new industry trends. Since our inception we have responded to our customers by introducing many "industry firsts" to address these developing trends in the modular and prefabricated construction industry. This includes new products, modification to existing products which includes adaptation to address new building and energy code requirements. Learn how our experience, quality and service can help your organization with versatile and cost effective modular building solutions.

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Prefab Guard Booths for Your Tractor Trailer Storage Site

Enhancing Security and Efficiency with Porta-King Guard Booths In the tractor trailer storage and trucking logistics industry, security and efficiency are critical. Protecting valuable equipment, managing incoming and outgoing tractor trailers, and providing a comfortable working environment for security personnel has never been more important. Porta-King’s innovative guard booth solutions offer a range of benefits […]

Powder Paint Line Machine Enclosure for Belco Industries

Creating high-quality custom equipment in a timely, safe manner is a trademark of Porta-King. Recently, Belco Industries, an OEM manufacturer specializing in custom-engineered control cabs for uses ranging from agriculture to forestry to specialty truck markets, needed a powder paint line enclosure. Creating this machine enclosure would allow the manufacturer to have on-site control of […]

Everything You Need To Know About Utilizing Observation Towers For Your Organization

There are many applications where an unobstructed aerial view of a surrounding area is advantageous, whether for surveillance reasons, security, vantage point, wildlife viewing, or otherwise. The concept of observation towers isn’t new, the very idea of getting to higher ground for an advantage is primal in nature, but the observation towers at Porta-King are […]

guard towers and modular guard buildings with schematics