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Committed to creating modern, innovative, cost effective, and quality modular and prefabricated building systems and structures since 1969

Welcome to Porta-King Building Systems.

Since 1969 our modular inplant offices, prefabricated mezzanines, outdoor equipment enclosures, and guard booths have been used for thousands of unique construction applications across North America and throughout the world. We provide our customers with cost effective, highly functional, easy to assemble alternatives to conventional construction.

Porta-King Building Systems offers more prefabricated and modular buildings than any other manufacturer. We offer five different types of prefabricated buildings and shelter systems that include high-level ballistic rated construction. We manufacture eight different types of modular wall systems, structural steel mezzanines and towers. All of these products have attributes that support the efforts of those companies and organizations that want to incorporate a sustainable design philosophy into their business.

We believe the key to our success has been our ability, and willingness, to adapt to new industry trends. Since our inception we have responded to our customers by introducing many "industry firsts" to address these developing trends in the modular and prefabricated construction industry. This includes new products, modification to existing products which includes adaptation to address new building and energy code requirements. Learn how our experience, quality and service can help your organization with versatile and cost effective modular building solutions.

A Few Of Our Satisfied Clients

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Porta-King Builds Cleanrooms for Atrium Innovations

A recognized, innovative leader in the nutritional and supplement health products industry, Atrium Innovations manufactures a number of products under brands like Garden of Life®, Pure Encapsulations®, Douglas Laboratories®, Genestra BrandsTM, and more.  When they needed a cleanroom for manufacturing and packaging their products—and needed quick, cost-effective construction—they came to Porta-King.

Porta-King Creates Noise-Muffling Enclosures for Keolis

In 2019, Keolis faced complaints that the air compressors they used in railroad maintenance yards were excessively loud and were disturbing their neighbors. To combat the noise pollution, they needed a fast, affordable solution. Porta-King suggested a sound-proof equipment enclosure.

Modular Offices for Staff Members at the Charleston County School District

Teachers and administrators of our nation’s schools are used to making the best of what they have. In Charleston County, however, school officials got some much needed office space recently, thanks to the crew at Porta-King. When school administrators needed more office space for an expanding workforce to replace an old existing small space, we […]

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