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Modular Factory Offices

Providing a safe and comfortable work environment separate from a surrounding facility is a great way to increase employee productivity and satisfaction. Porta-King’s modular factory office buildings offer a cost-effective solution to your factory, warehouse, or government facility needs.

Install a Modular Factory Office with Minimal Disruption to your Day-to-Day Operations

Porta-King gives you greater access to your production floor in a sound-proof, temperature-controlled environment that’s faster and cheaper to build than traditional construction. With a custom-designed Modular Factory Office, you have the flexibility to move or modify the office as needed.

Our solution provides a clean, quiet environment to work in, just steps away from the factory floor. It’s a durable solution, and a less disruptive one compared to typical drywall construction. Plus, it gives your company a tax advantage.

Take a look at the other benefits our Modular Factory Offices provide:

  • Speed of installation to minimize disruption to factory operations.
  • Flexibility to be moved or modified if factory layout changes without any loss of the original material investment.
  • Tax advantages as these enclosures qualify as capital equipment. They can be depreciated much faster than conventional, permanent construction
  • Allows key factory personnel to operate close to the manufacturing operation in a clean, quiet, temperature-controlled environment.
  • Clean construction from prefabricated factory-made components reduces the risk of contamination around sensitive factory equipment.

With Custom-Designed Offices, You Have Choices

At Porta-King, we can customize any modular office to meet the specifications required for your modular factory office application. The following options are available:

  • Custom layouts can be created in any size or shape you can imagine and since change inside a factory is inevitable, our modular walls also give you the ability to move or modify the original layout with a 100% recapture of all materials.
  • Multi-Story structures can be designed to minimize use of existing floor space, while maximizing use of unused area overhead.
  • Wide array of wall compositions and finishes to address a range of environmental conditions including sound, temperature, humidity, and abuse.
  • Many different wall panel finishes to address impact resistance, sound control, humidity and more.
  • A wide array of glazing options to insure windows meet the application requirements, including standard tempered safety glass, insulated, laminated, polycarbonate, and more.

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Porta-King modular inplant offices offer an easy way to quickly create a new, clean, and comfortable workspace inside your facility. Your material will be shipped in a crate with a clearly marked packing list attached to the outside. Inside the crate, you will find detailed installation instructions that include an illustrated parts list, floor plan layout, and a step-by-step assembly guide. Watch the video above for more information or call us today at (888) 481-1671.

Porta-King has the Knowledge and Experience to Create an Ideal Solution for Your Business

We’ve been building structures to meet clients’ needs for a long time, and we’ve fielded about every request you can think of. That’s why our engineers are the best in the business. Here are other reasons to trust Porta-King with your modular construction:

  • Several wall construction options to address unique application requirements
  • Superior onsite service before and after the sale
  • Installation services throughout North America

Learn more about how convenient and cost-effective a Porta-King Modular Factory Office can be. Our representatives are happy to custom-design a solution for your factory. For more information on similar applications, visit our modular inplant offices and modular warehouse offices pages.

Modular Factory Offices

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