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Modular Control Rooms

When you need to create a space on your plant floor to house control equipment and the personnel that operates it, you can rely on Porta-King to custom-design a modular control room. We provide quick-to-install structures that are durable and secure.

Porta-King Modular Control Rooms Provide a Sound-Controlled and Temperature-Stable Environment

Our modular control rooms support operators and the electronic equipment they use to monitor equipment on the factory floor. The insulating properties of Porta-King modular control rooms, which provide a temperature- and humidity-stable environment, muffle sound and protect both control equipment and operating staff.

We understand that in a busy factory environment, time and space are limited. Because pre-engineered Porta-King components are delivered to you on-site, we can ensure speed and ease of assembly to reduce downtime. No matter what industry you’re in, we can minimize disruption as we install an insulated, comfortable control room.

Durability is Just One Benefit You Can Expect When Porta-King Designs Your Control Room

At Porta-King, we don’t believe that one size fits all. We offer several building options and materials to meet your industry’s needs, including:

  • Custom structure plans that include different sizes, layouts, and heights.
  • Walls constructed to meet sound and insulation requirements.
  • Resistant surfaces to endure harsh plant conditions, plus optional panel finishes like steel, FRP, and others.
  • Large windows for increased visibility.
  • Window glazing options like insulated or laminated glass for sound attenuation or polycarbonate and plexiglass for impact resistance.

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Porta-King modular inplant offices offer an easy way to quickly create a new, clean, and comfortable workspace inside your facility. Your material will be shipped in a crate with a clearly marked packing list attached to the outside. Inside the crate, you will find detailed installation instructions that include an illustrated parts list, floor plan layout, and a step-by-step assembly guide. Watch the video above for more information or call us today at (888) 481-1671.

Superior Construction Quality and Support Put Us Above the Competition

With years of experience in prefabricated and modular construction, Porta-King has the materials, support, and expertise to provide your plant with an exceptional product. We offer:

  • Superior fit and finish of our modular components.
  • On-site support before, during, and after installation.
  • Many wall panel finishes and construction compositions to address your unique application requirements.
  • Experience in designing and fabricating a wide range of control room structures.

If you have questions about our products or the industries we’ve served, please contact us. Our designers will be happy to discuss your particular project with you.

Modular Control Rooms

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