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Modular Warehouse Offices

Many plants and warehouses are not air-conditioned or sound-proofed. They’re hot in the summer and cold in the winter. Plus, the noise of everyday operations never stops. This can make it difficult for personnel to talk on the phone, have a conversation, or concentrate on business matters. Modular warehouse office from Porta-King will offer the comfort at quiet your office workers need to remain happy and productive.

Customizable Offices Give Your Employees a Comfortable Workspace Within the Warehouse or Plant

Our modular offices are prefabricated and easy to install, with little disruption to your business. They’re also tough, with heavy-duty construction and impact resistance. Employees can work with a sense of security and comfort, no matter the conditions in the rest of the facility. All of our modular warehouse offices feature the following:

  • Easily Assemble – Installation takes a fraction of the time compared with conventional construction; and since all material is prefabricated from our factory, there is virtually no dust or debris created during the installation.
  • Heavy Duty Impact Resistant Wall Panels – Wall panels include a solid insulating core that is more impact resistant than conventional drywall construction.  Standard pre-finished drywall panels include an R-10 insulation value and an average dB reduction level of 36.
  • Flexible Design – Our design flexibility allows change to the layout of your modular office in order to facilitate expansion or  enable movement to another area within your warehouse. Our modular offices can even be moved to another location.

Our warehouse offices can also be customized to meet your needs:

  • Custom glazing for greater sound control or impact resistance
  • Two-story or multi-office layouts so you can maximize your office space
  • Factory assembled models with integral floor structures for increased portability
  • Windows for improved visibility
  • Custom panel finishes like painted steel, fiberglass reinforced plastic (frp), and others for enhanced durability.

Our modular warehouse offices give you a much more economical way to condition space for warehouse personnel. When you need a clean, comfortable, noise-free workspace to conduct business in your facility, rely on Porta-King to custom-design the perfect solution for you.

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Porta-King modular inplant offices offer an easy way to quickly create a new, clean, and comfortable workspace inside your facility. Your material will be shipped in a crate with a clearly marked packing list attached to the outside. Inside the crate, you will find detailed installation instructions that include an illustrated parts list, floor plan layout, and a step-by-step assembly guide. Watch the video above for more information or call us today at (888) 481-1671.

Porta-King Provides Expertise and Support When You Need It

At Porta-King, we have the space, support, and customizable materials your industry requires. With Porta-King, you can expect superior product design for ease of installation and long-term performance.

  • Regional offices throughout the United States
  • Free onsite design assistance, service, and support
  • Unlimited design capabilities, including custom designs and finishes
  • Turn-key installation services

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Modular Warehouse Offices

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