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Equipment Enclosures

A well-run facility can only survive when all employees and equipment can do their jobs to the best of their ability. Providing easily installed equipment enclosures ensure equipment can last and perform in safe, comfortable, and practical environments.

Equipment Enclosures To Meet Your Company’s Unique Needs

Application, personnel, and location can all affect the final designs for your exterior building. Outdoor portable buildings can be modified according to your specifications for:

  • Size and layout to accommodate a specific type of equipment or number of employees who will work in the building at one time.
  • Functionality to ensure the equipment enclosures meets all your performance criteria. This includes door type, climate control, electric and more.
  • Safety features like explosion proof electric and ballistic rated walls to ensure your personnel and equipment are kept safe.
  • Exterior style to match surrounding buildings (i.e. Porta-King’s Faux Stone Finish).

You can browse these design options before speaking to a Porta-King representative to better understand how they fit your needs.

Low Maintenance = High Performance

All Porta-King high quality products are built to stand the test of time, but this standard is especially important when designing and building portable buildings. Unlike in-plant buildings, these exterior buildings, like our motor control center enclosures, are solely responsible for protecting contents from outside forces.

Our bullet resistant walls and glazing are specially designed panels that protect your building from direct attack by providing different levels of NIJ and UL 752 ratings. For more information on these specializations, contact a Porta-King representative today.

Equipment Enclosure Video Gallery

Porta-King installing a boiler enclosure. Our equipment enclosures can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for environmental control?

Environmental control can be critical to the performance of the equipment and machinery our enclosures are designed to protect. Options include thru wall, roof mount, ductless split systems, and wall pack units for heating and cooling. Exhaust fans, louvers, and dampers can also be added to help manage air circulation when necessary.

Do your structures meet local codes?

This question encompasses a broad range of issues. Code compliance can include wind and snow loads, seismic, energy, and more. To confirm compliance with all local codes we recommend contacting your local building officials to explain the scope of your project along with your plan to utilize a preassembled equipment enclosure. We are happy to support your efforts with construction details for the system you choose. We can also supply engineering and energy code calculations for an additional charge.

Does my equipment enclosure have to include a floor?

No, in fact most equipment enclosures do not include floor structures as they are often used to cover existing equipment and machinery. The rigid design of our equipment enclosures does not require a floor for structural integrity.

What is the maximum interior height you can achieve?

The maximum interior clear height is 12’. The actual clearance will depend on a range of design criteria. We suggest you consult with one of our project specialists to discuss your application requirements. Once we have a better understanding of your project requirements, we can then discuss construction design options including interior clear height.

Can penetrations be made in the roof?

We prefer that you do not make penetrations in the roof. Doing so will void our warranty. Any penetrations we would make in the roof at the factory would be to accommodate the equipment that we install, and weather sealed prior to shipping.

What are my options for doors?

We offer a wide choice of door options to accommodate the many specialized uses our customers find for our equipment enclosures. Single and double man doors are the most common door types but we also can provide sliding doors, roll up doors (both manual and automatic) or, when required, we can create framed openings for an onsite door installation.

Are your equipment enclosures fire rated?

No, we do not have test data for fire resistance. Our Durasteel and Durasteel ES enclosures are welded steel structures, but we do not have test data confirming any FR classification.

What is the maximum size you can manufacture?

The largest equipment enclosure we can manufacture in one piece will vary depending on the height and the construction type you select. For these larger enclosures we utilize specialized truck transportation services, which includes specialized trailers designed to carry extra-large cargo. Even with these specialized carriers, single piece equipment enclosures cannot be wider than 15’ by 26’ long for structures between 10’ and 13’ tall and 15’ wide by 48’ long for structures at a maximum 10’ tall. We can also manufacture enclosures consisting of individual modules designed to connect together on-site to create a larger footprint.

Do your structures include lifting lugs?

Durasteel ES models include lifting lugs on each corner as a standard. Our other designs can also be equipped with lifting lugs as an option. For roof design options where lifting lugs cannot be included, we can also incorporate crane lifting pockets into the base frame of the structure to facilitate the use of lifting straps.

Are your equipment enclosures Insulated?

We do offer a base design for our Durasteel ES is an uninsulated single layer of 16-gauge steel, but most of the equipment enclosures (ES and other construction options) will include insulation in the walls and roof and sometimes the floor structures (if included). Insulation is typically added to provide better thermal protection for the equipment inside while also helping to reduce noise outside.

Permanent Construction Quality with Portable Flexibility

Prefabricated structures are a long-term solution for practically any application. Of course, the term “portable buildings” implies that these structures can be easily moved as a unit. Therefore, every building you invest in can be repurposed in the future if your needs change.

In addition to your building’s reusability, portable buildings are prefabricated in a factory and then shipped to your site for immediate installation. This workflow reduces construction waste and downtime at your facility, offering a green alternative to traditional construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Equipment Enclosures

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Equipment Enclosures

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