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Controlled Environmental Rooms

Controlled environmental rooms are essential when you need a controlled temperature and environment to produce quality goods. Choosing a modular option is an easy, adaptable, and affordable solution to your environmentally controlled needs.

What is a controlled environment room?

A controlled environment room is designed to aid in the regulation of climate within the application, including temperature, heat and refrigeration, as well as humidity. 

Many applications that do not require the precision of a modular cleanroom can benefit from the cost efficient controlled environment room. These structures can still be customized with the proper construction options to fit your project’s needs, all while maintaining the controlled climate necessary.

Control Humidity & Temperature with a Modular Enclosure

At Porta-King, we understand modular controlled environment rooms can be used for a wide variety of manufacturing applications that require humidity and temperature control, including:

  • Quality Control Labs
  • Dry Rooms
  • Incubators
  • Plant Growth Chambers
  • Powder Coating E-Rooms and other rooms for paint applications

Custom Designs for Your Application Needs

Due to environmental rooms’ wide variety of applications, Porta-King offers a diverse range of construction options so your modular, temperature controlled room meets your needs:

  • Ceilings – Porta-King’s offers a variety of ceiling system options to address different application requirements. This includes a variety of ceiling tile finishes, gasketed grid systems and even a panelized option.
  • Modular Wall Systems – Porta-King has several high quality options—Versa-King 3, VKHD 6 and Monolith—all provide varying degrees of environmental and temperature control. In addition, controlled environmental rooms can come in custom panel finishes like painted steel, high pressure laminates, and more. You can also choose extra tall walls to accommodate personnel or equipment.
  • Catwalks or Mezzanines – Additional structures in your environmental , temperature controlled room can support equipment and protect personnel when accessing high hard to reach areas inside the room.
  • Load-bearing Roofs – Decrease your control room’s footprint by putting equipment on the roof. Load bearing roofs can support fire suppression, maintenance, and other mechanical equipment.
  • Doors – One basic way to ensure humidity and temperature control is to better filter how things and people come in and out of the building. Porta-King environmentally controlled rooms can be equipped with overhead doors (manual or mechanical), impact doors, large sliding doors (manual or mechanical), large single doors, and double swing doors.

Our staff of engineers and customer service representatives will work with your team to choose your environmental controlled room’s exact design. You can also browse through our construction options to get a better idea of what you want before we meet.

Controlled Environmental Rooms

Case Studies

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Controlled Environmental Rooms

Design & Construction Options

Our modular cleanrooms assemble quickly and offer a much cleaner construction process than what you would experience with conventional construction. Prefinished components are very durable and non-shedding to eliminate unnecessary contaminates inside. The result is a quality clean room designed to meet your exact performance specifications.