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Observation Towers

When you’re high off the ground on a day-to-day basis, structure safety and durability should be your top priority. Porta-King custom designs our observation towers to ensure occupants are kept safe without sacrificing practicality or affordability. Our prefabricated observation towers are built with a safety-first design that can be customized to your unique needs. The 40′ tall observation tower packages start at $60,000.

Safety-First Observation Towers, Design Customized to Your Needs

Porta-King’s prefabricated observation towers are designed to withstand:

  • Every day wear and tear – Galvanized steel construction resist rust and corrosion.
  • Heavy-duty structural components – to withstand abuse.
  • Structurally sound – Towers are built to comply with geographical requirements in the area they are installed. This includes accommodating seismic and wind loads.

Each tower is custom designed to meet your application’s safety requirements. This includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Prefabricated Buildings – Create safe secure space for personnel.
  • Guardrails – Reliable rail systems can be installed around the top platform to enable personnel to safely walk around without fear of falling.
  • Handrail / Guardrail (combinations) – For stairs to ensure safety when accessing the platform.

Fast Installation with Prefabricated Construction

Prefabricated observation towers utilize pre-engineered components built at Porta-King’s manufacturing facility and shipped directly to your site. This process cuts down on construction time and costs, giving you an immediate solution regardless of your tower needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

One of the key advantages of choosing Porta-King for your observation tower is the elimination of on-site welding during the installation process. Porta-King’s observation towers are designed for completely bolted construction, ensuring a seamless and efficient installation that saves valuable time and money.

By eliminating the need for welding, Porta-King’s towers can be installed quickly and easily, without the need for specialized equipment or skilled welders. This bolt-together design not only streamlines the installation process but also allows for greater flexibility in terms of future modifications or expansions. With Porta-King, you can enjoy significant savings on installation costs while benefiting from a high-quality, durable structure that meets your specific security needs.

Porta-King’s observation towers are constructed with a galvanized finish to provide superior durability and longevity in outdoor applications. Unlike painted finishes, which are prone to rusting over time, galvanized steel offers unparalleled resistance to corrosion and weathering.

By choosing a galvanized finish, Porta-King ensures that their observation towers maintain their structural integrity and professional appearance for years to come, even in harsh outdoor conditions. This commitment to quality and durability is a testament to Porta-King’s dedication to providing their customers with reliable, long-lasting security solutions that deliver exceptional value and performance.

To maintain structural integrity and optimize functionality, Porta-King generally limits the observation tower footprint to 18′ x 18′. This size maximizes stair economics and allows for a stable, four-column design. While larger deck sizes are possible, they may require additional columns and the potential for a column to protrude through the deck, as determined by engineering requirements.

Porta-King’s observation towers are designed to provide ample space for surveillance equipment, personnel, and storage, ensuring that security teams have the necessary resources to effectively monitor and protect the facility. When selecting an observation tower, it’s essential to consider your specific space requirements and choose a solution that offers the ideal balance of functionality and structural integrity.

Porta-King’s observation towers are designed with stairways wrapped around the exterior of the structure to maximize the usable deck area at the top. By positioning the stairs on the outside of the tower, the entire top deck remains unobstructed, providing ample space for equipment, personnel, and storage.

This innovative design feature ensures that the stairs do not intrude into the valuable deck area, allowing for optimal functionality and efficiency. The external stairway also adds to the overall stability and aesthetic appeal of the observation tower, creating a cohesive and professional appearance that complements any security installation.

Porta-King’s observation towers are engineered to reach an impressive maximum height of 70′, providing an optimal vantage point for surveillance and security applications. These towering structures offer a clear, unobstructed view of the surrounding area, ensuring that personnel can effectively monitor and respond to potential threats.

For comparison, Porta-King’s band and sport video towers have a maximum height of 52′. When selecting an observation tower, it’s crucial to consider the specific height requirements of your facility and choose a solution that offers the best possible perspective for your security needs.

Observation Towers

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Observation Towers

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Observation Towers

Design & Construction Options

Our towers are designed to create highly functional structures that can be used anywhere in the world. The pre-engineered components that we provide to construct our towers are designed to be easy to erect so your time of construction is dramatically reduced when compared to conventional construction. Porta-King Towers are constructed of the highest quality american materials to provide the most durable structures that will provide years of trouble free service.