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Modular Walls

You should be able to find an affordable product that meets your office design needs. That’s why Porta-King’s designs, builds, and installs modular walls and wall partitions that are adaptable, cost-effective, and low maintenance.

Aesthetically & Physically Adaptable Modular Wall Designs for Changing Spaces

Whether you’re getting new employees, upgrading equipment, or simply want a fresh start to your office design, changing the layout of your workspace should be one of your more straightforward initiatives. Modular walls and Wall partitions are an economical and flexible solution to traditionally built walls. Porta-King custom builds wall partitions using standard components to:

  • Create new spaces with easy to install modular walls. Ideal for any large space that needs to be subdivided into offices for new personnel or protective barriers for new equipment.
  • Customize wall appearance with a wide array of wall panel colors and surface types. Windows are also available in a variety of glazing options to address both function and aesthetics.
  • Reduce noise in loud environments like manufacturing facilities, with our sound attenuating wall designs. We offer many different wall compositions to address even the noisiest working conditions.

Diverse Usage Across a Range of Different Applications and Industry Types

In addition to applications in offices, modular walls and wall partitions can be used to divide work areas in manufacturing facilities, provide security around dangerous machinery, or to enhance privacy around sensitive work areas, just to name a few.

Modular Wall Video Gallery

This video demonstrates the ease with which a Porta-King Monolith modular wall system can be installed to subdivide large sections of manufacturing and warehouse space. The single panel you see being installed is 6″ thick and 24′ tall. The complete time lapse for a single panel installation was 20 minutes. This particular monolith panel is comprised of a white painted steel surface on both sides of an expanded polystyrene (EPS) core.

The completed 2 wall configuration consists of 2 walls and was a total of 164′ long. Both lengths of wall took a total of 3 days to assemble. This includes the installation of a single man door along with a large steel framed opening where a roll up door would be installed later.

Cut Down on Costs with a Sturdy & Green Design

Porta-King’s modular partitions are a long-term investment. Unlike traditional drywall, modular walls and wall partitions are designed for:

  • Easy maintenance through prefinished, easy to clean surfaces
  • Energy cost savings with solid insulating cores that help maintain the desired temperature of a room
  • Future redesign savings with completely reusable components

Since you don’t have to tear down walls and start over with all new materials every time you need to redesign your office, modular walls create less construction waste and overall disruption. This ability is key to creating a cleaner, more efficient work environment at your facility.

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Modular Walls

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Modular Walls

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