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Security Buildings

Security buildings do more for your site than simply house personnel and equipment; they also present a visible, physical deterrent to potential criminal activity. Businesses can secure their properties from theft and give their employees a safe, comfortable workplace with custom-designed security solutions.

What Is a Security Building?

In building systems, a security building is designed to protect a facility, employees, and other assets from physical damage and threats.

The use of a security building is important not only for finished projects, but also on construction sites, as some proprietary information may need to remain onsite and confidential. Access control for these structures is achieved through various features including ballistic rated materials, locks, and barriers.

With Multiple Construction Options, Porta-King Provides the Right Protection at the Right Price

Several industries, including manufacturing, warehousing, healthcare, government and more, require enhanced security. Porta-King engineers design security buildings that arrive fully assembled and ready for immediate use.

Porta-King offers design features that enhance both appearance and functionality. Custom security building options are available for all models:

  • All buildings include a custom layout to meet your functional demands. For larger units that are too large to ship in one piece, we create multiple prefabricated sections that are connected together on-site to create the desired footprint.
  • Choices in construction include painted steel or maintenance-free anodized aluminum.
  • Ballistic rated materials for high threat environments. Ballistic Ratings include U.L. 752 Levels 1 – 8 and NIJ Levels I – IV. Visit our ballistic-rated guard booth page to learn more.
  • Exterior lighting to illuminate area outside to allow users a clearer view to monitor surrounding area.
  • High security locks or other access control devices.
  • Factory-applied brick or other custom wall, roof, and window designs are available to enhance aesthetics and performance.
  • Factory plumbed restrooms and a variety of HVAC options are available to keep your staff comfortable.
  • Roll down shutters to protect your building from theft or vandalism.

Video Gallery

On site off-loading and installation of a Porta-King Building Systems’ prefabricated Durasteel Guard Building. This Porta-King prefabricated building features custom exterior wall panels and an integral, factory plumbed restroom. The building arrived at the job site on a flat bed truck as a completely fabricated, pre-wired and plumbed unit. The off-loading and installation was accomplished in a matter of a few hours and was lifted from overhead using the crane and optional roof mounted lifting lugs.

We take you on a tour of this new Durasteel security booth installed inside the entrance of a multilevel parking garage at a hospital in New York.  The building was shipped to the site fully assembled and ready for use by the guards that provide 24/7 security services.

Allow the Experts at Porta-King to Design a Security Solution for Your Business

With years of experience and a nation-wide customer base, Porta-King has the expertise to provide you with safe, durable security solutions. Our security buildings are shipped to you ready-to-use with little disruption to your schedule.

We pride ourselves on offering quality other manufacturers just can’t match:

  • Superior onsite service before and after the sale
  • Off load and anchoring services
  • Outstanding production capacity in our two facilities with a combined 160,000 square feet of manufacturing space
  • 50 years of experience in the industry

Businesses can secure their properties from theft and give their employees a safe, comfortable workplace with custom-designed security solutions. In addition to the extra comfort and protection these structures provide, Porta-King security buildings can be moved to a new location at any time. These prefabricated structures are simply more cost effective and less disruptive than traditional construction.

Contact our representatives to begin the design process and increase security at your facility.

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Security Buildings

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Security Buildings

Design & Construction Options

Our preassembled buildings arrive fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Our high quality, aesthetically pleasing designs are ideal for quickly creating a permanent structure with the added flexibility that enables it to be easily moved to a new location at anytime.