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Porta-King’s Modular Mezzanines transform unused vertical space into functional work or storage space. When building out becomes difficult or too costly, build up with modular mezzanines and platforms. These units are easy to install and have the added benefit of being reconfigured when floor plan changes deem necessary. Mezzanines are not really reconfigurable but they can be added onto as needs change.

Mezzanines are a Practical, Space-Saving Solutions for a More Productive Floor

No matter the desired application, Porta-King is dedicated to making sure that you get a safe and reliable product that will meet your needs. That’s why we design, build, and erect mezzanines for your facility that help improve worker safety, allow access to high areas, and/or provide the additional storage you need. Mezzanines are really intended for added space whether it’s for storage or equipment, machinery, and personnel.

One of the most cost-effective solutions to working with limited space is to build up instead of out. Prefabricated modular mezzanines help:

  • Make more room in the workplace by creating new space while maintaining the area underneath for personnel, additional equipment, or other storage opportunities.
  • Keep equipment safely off the floor and out of your employees’ way. Elevating equipment also protects it from floods and other accidents.
  • Create new employee workspaces without constructing brand new expansions.
  • Support multi-story modular structures that are extra tall or have large clear span conditions.

By adding layers to the workplace with modular mezzanines and increasing accessibility, you’ll be able to save valuable space and make your workplace more efficient.

Mezzanine Video Gallery

Porta-King structural steel mezzanines are a cost efficient way to easily create additional space for storage or manufacturing by utilizing existing ceiling space inside new or existing buildings. Additional floor space is created by going up, not out, saving you the considerable cost of new construction. The prefabricated design also saves time since all components arrive prefabricated and ready for immediate installation.

Unlike many of our competitors, we’ll supply you with a truly prefabricated mezzanine system. All of our connecting hardware is pre-welded onto the structural components prior to shipping. Many of our competitors call their mezzanines prefabricated, but that just means the various components used to construct their mezzanines are prefabricated prior to shipping. Unlike a Porta-King mezzanine, this doesn’t always mean these components arrive welded to the structural components and ready to be mechanically fastened together.

This video demonstrates the speed in which our mezzanines can be installed. This 18′ wide by 48′ long mezzanine, including our single piece, sectional guard rail was completed by a two man crew in just 2 days.

Note the ease with which our 6′ wide sliding gate operates. Heavy-duty steel construction ensures years of trouble free service. Other mezzanine gate options are also available.

Custom Designs that Prioritize Safety

Workplace accidents are dangerous and costly. All Porta-King’s modular mezzanines and platforms are IBC compliant and are fitted to your desired application to ensure safety and reliability. These modular steel mezzanines offer:

  • Guard railings on the platform and staircases that are factory welded sections to enable faster field installation. Railings prevent employees working at higher elevations from falling.
  • Gusseted type 3 connections to improve the modular structure’s stability and resistance even under seismic conditions.
  • Seamless integration with other modular products to ensure optimal fit and function.

Frequently Asked Questions

None, we design all our mezzanines and towers to be completely bolt together construction so that no welding is required. Saving hundreds of dollars in installation costs.

This is the amount of load that is to be introduced to the concrete foundation and it may make it necessary for that foundation to be cut and to have footings poured depending on the total column load.

Dead load is the pound per square foot weight of the mezzanine structure itself.

DLL or design live load is the pound per square foot load that the mezzanine or tower is designed for.

Top of deck height is the distance from the existing facility finished floor to the top of the mezzanine floor. Clear height is the distance from the existing facility finished floor to the lowest point on the mezzanine.


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Design & Construction Options

Our mezzanine systems are designed to create highly functional space anywhere inside your facility. The pre-engineered components that we provide to construct our mezzanines are designed to be easy to install so your down time in the area of construction is dramatically reduced when compared to conventional construction. Porta-King Mezzanines are constructed of the highest quality american materials to provide the most durable structures that will provide years of trouble free service.