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Motor Control Center Enclosures

Instantly create secure, environmentally controlled space to protect motor control centers from extreme weather and vandalism with a motor control center (MCC) enclosure from Porta-King.

Motor Control Center (MCC) Enclosures Give Your Engineers Centralized Control

A motor control center (MCC) consists of single or multiple enclosed sections grouped together for larger application requirements. These assemblies allow engineers to control electric motors in a central location. Typically found in large industrial buildings, these setups can include motor starters, circuit breakers, programmable controllers, metering equipment, and more. Any facility that operates a large number of electric motors may have use of MCCs, including the automotive industry and different commercial installations. At Porta-King, we supply the enclosure that protects MCC equipment.

At Porta-King, Fully Fabricated Structures with Custom Options are Just the Beginning

We offer benefits that other manufacturers just can’t match:

  • Our buildings ship to site fully fabricated and ready for use. We also offer a modular designed system that is assembled onsite for interior applications.
  • Our prefabricated assemblies are typically equipped with lifting lugs or rigging points in the floor structure to facilitate installations by crane or other lifting equipment.
  • We can either ship to the final destination for the MCC equipment or to a staging area, so the MCC equipment can be installed and tested prior to being shipped to the final destination.
  • Because we operate in a very large manufacturing plant, we can also facilitate installation of the MCC equipment at our facility.
  • We offer a wide range of construction options to address different application requirements.
  • Our engineers provide high quality workmanship along with our heavy duty construction features to ensure our enclosures will last for decades with little or no maintenance.
  • For added protection in isolated locations, we offer ballistic rated construction.
  • All floor plans are custom designed to meet application requirements.
  • Code compliance for any destination in North America.
  • Our custom building options include the following:
  • Ballistic-rated materials
  • Faux stone, brick, concrete composite siding, and custom paint finishes
  • Sloped, gabled and other custom roof designs
  • Custom architectural design enhancements for walls and roof structure
  • High security locks and door hardware
  • Large, multi-section designs to create larger enclosures

Motor Control Center Enclocures Video Gallery

Porta-King installing a boiler enclosure. Our equipment enclosures can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Superior Construction Quality and Support Put Us Above the Competition

With years of experience in prefabricated and modular construction, Porta-King is your best bet for durable, cost-effective MCC enclosures.

We offer:

  • 50-plus years of experience in designing and manufacturing custom prefabricated and modular enclosures
  • Unsurpassed production capacity of over 160,000 sq ft of manufacturing space
  • On-site support for design review and installation coordination
  • A centralized location to better serve all of the U.S. and North America
  • Stackable designs

If you have questions about our products or the industries we’ve served, please contact us. Our designers will be happy to discuss your particular project with you.

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Motor Control Center Enclosures

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Motor Control Center Enclosures

Design & Construction Options

Our preassembled buildings arrive fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Our high quality, aesthetically pleasing designs are ideal for quickly creating a permanent structure with the added flexibility that enables it to be easily moved to a new location at anytime.