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Modular Packaging Rooms

Packaging rooms offer companies a clean space where they can safely package medication without risking contamination while extending shelf life and promoting quality. Choosing a modular option offers an affordable, easily adaptable solution for your controlled environment needs.

Keeping Pharmaceuticals Safe With Modular Packaging Rooms

Pharmaceuticals need a clean, controlled environment when they are packaged in order to keep the product safe for the consumer. Modular pharmaceutical packaging cleanrooms are designed to keep the environment free of contaminates with:

  • Precut components for much cleaner construction. No dust or debris like in traditional construction.
  • Non-shedding surfaces like painted steel, HPL, and PVC.
  • Strict construction guidelines and certifications to ensure cleanliness.

Applications Beyond Pharmaceuticals

Many other industries can benefit from the quality control afforded by Porta-King modular packaging rooms. Manufacturing applications may need to adhere to specific ISO cleanroom standards, or other regimented parameters when packaging their final products.

Food product packaging, condition sensitive electronics and parts, and even fragile textiles are in need of controlled and certified standards when taking their product from assembly line to inspection to packaging.

Just like with pharmaceuticals, other time, temperature, and condition-sensitive materials must be handled in controlled packaging environments. Porta-King’s modular packaging rooms are an ideal solution for packaging and storing management for these reasons.

Budget Friendly Design & Installation

Porta-King offers custom design features for packaging rooms for a flexible design that will meet your company’s needs, whether pharmaceuticals, food, textiles, or other packaging/storage needs.

Modular packaging rooms can be easily redesigned or moved whenever your needs change, saving you time and money. Our experienced team of engineers, outside sales support, and customer service will work with you to help you achieve your project goals.

Modular Packaging Rooms

Case Studies

Atrium Innovation

Porta-King Builds Cleanrooms for Atrium Innovations

modular room at us customs

Porta-King Installs Modular Room for U.S. Customs

Modular Packaging Rooms

Design & Construction Options

Our modular cleanrooms assemble quickly and offer a much cleaner construction process than what you would experience with conventional construction. Prefinished components are very durable and non-shedding to eliminate unnecessary contaminates inside. The result is a quality clean room designed to meet your exact performance specifications.