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Outdoor Equipment Enclosures

Maintaining large, expensive equipment outdoors is difficult without a reliable shelter. Porta-King’s prefabricated outdoor equipment enclosures will safeguard your pumps, switch-gears, and other equipment from vandalism, theft, and the elements. These prefabricated buildings are perfect for hospitals, hotels, government or military grounds, manufacturing facilities, warehousing facilities, sports facilities, and more.

Customized & Long-Lasting Construction Options for Outdoor Equipment Enclosures

Porta-King’s team of experienced engineers can help you design equipment enclosures to your exact specifications. Some of our customized options include:

  • Construction material including maintenance-free anodized aluminum of painted galvanized steel to address the broadest range of application requirements.
  • Wall cutouts, custom doors, lifting lugs, extra floor or wall supports for installation of heavy equipment.
  • Sound reducing features for the benefit of on-site personnel.

In addition, we offer outstanding warranties to demonstrate our confidence in the quality and longevity of our equipment enclosures.

Outdoor Equipment Enclosure Video Gallery

Porta-King installing a boiler enclosure. Our equipment enclosures can be customized to fit your unique needs.

Affordable, Reusable Structures

Portable buildings are built in our factory and shipped directly to your site ready for immediate use. Not only will choosing prefabricated construction deliver a quality product in a shorter timeframe in comparison to conventional construction, but it also means your equipment enclosure can be moved around your facility as needed. We use high quality, durable construction materials both inside and out to resist physical and weather related damage to your outdoor equipment enclosure, saving your business time and money.

Outdoor Equipment Enclosures

Case Studies

Overhead view of a machine enclosure

Powder Paint Line Machine Enclosure for Belco Industries

Keolis Enclosure Delivery

Porta-King Creates Noise-Muffling Enclosures for Keolis

Modular Room

Pliant Plastics Corp: Housing a Million Dollar Investment

Equipment Enclosure
Outdoor Equipment Enclosures

Design & Construction Options

Our preassembled buildings arrive fully assembled and ready for immediate use. Our high quality, aesthetically pleasing designs are ideal for quickly creating a permanent structure with the added flexibility that enables it to be easily moved to a new location at anytime.