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Prefabricated Shelters

Employees and guests deserve a safe outdoor space that offers them protection from the elements. That’s why we build prefabricated shelters that are a flexible solution to your outdoor needs. With our durable designs, you’ll have an affordable outdoor shelter that is built to last.

An Economic & Dependable Outdoor Solution With Prefabricated Shelters

Prefabricated shelters are shipped to your site fully assembled, saving both the extra time and money you would expect with any conventional means of construction. Consisting of a rigid, welded steel framework with full perimeter glazing for excellent visibility into and out of the shelter.

These components along with low-maintenance materials like galvanized steel with a two-part polyurethane painted surface. Optional aluminum benches and more, ensure all users dry and safe protection for many years to come.

Prefabricated Shelter Video Gallery

On site off-loading and installation of a Porta-King Building Systems’ prefabricated Durasteel Smoking Shelter. The smoking shelter arrived at the job site on a flat bed truck as a completely fabricated unit. The off-loading and installation was accomplished in less than an hour and was lifted from overhead using the crane and optional roof mounted lifting rings.

Built Strong & Customized For Years of Service

All of Porta-King’s prefabricated shelters are built with all steel construction to ensure strength and reliability. Outdoor shelters also come standard with clear tempered glass to promote the safety and comfort of occupants with other optional glazing material available.

You can also customize the layout to your specifications and current building designs. Because prefabricated shelters are so flexible, they can be easily moved should the need arise. For example, if your grounds undergo renovations, your prefabricated shelter can be easily moved to accommodate the change.

Prefabricated Shelters

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Prefabricated Shelters

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Prefabricated Shelters

Design & Construction Options

Our modular buildings are designed to create highly functional space anywhere inside your facility. The pre-engineered components that we provide to construct our modular buildings are designed to be easy to install so your down time in the area of construction is dramatically reduced when compared to conventional construction. The result is a high quality, durable building that will provide years of trouble free service.