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Modular Inplant Offices

Providing a safe and comfortable work environment separate from a surrounding facility is a great way to increase employee productivity and satisfaction. Porta-King’s modular office buildings offer an effective solution for creating space inside all types of manufacturing, distribution and warehouse facilities, commercial, military and government structures.

Modular Inplant Offices Provide Safety & Comfort in a Contained Workspace

Inplant offices are modular, meaning they can be customized according to your operation’s needs. Some essential options include:

  • Noise reduction ratings – Our modular inplant offices offer sound transmission class (STC) ratings up to 47 and average dB reduction levels up to 48. These ratings ensure your employees are protected from loud machinery or factory surroundings so they can focus and complete tasks more efficiently.
  • Privacy and Security – Modular rooms can be equipped with security features to limit access or visibility. These customizations keep sensitive operations or information safe from unauthorized personnel.
  • Climate Control – Particularly useful in unconditioned environments, in-plant offices can be outfitted with a variety of temperature and humidity systems to keep your employees comfortable throughout the workday.
  • Unlimited Size – Our structures can accommodate one to hundreds of employees. Larger office complexes can be easily created by subdividing the perimeter walls with a series of modular wall partitions.
  • Single to Multi-Story Designs – Modular inplant offices can be easily designed to create multi-story structures, increasing overall workspace without expanding your final structure’s footprint. Upper levels on larger span structures can easily be supported with the integration of one of our structural steel mezzanines.

To assist you in choosing the best modular construction options for your project, Porta-King’s experienced team of engineers and customer service representatives stand ready to assist your team in determining the right modular office design. We can also assist with planning the appropriate production and construction timeline and assist with the installation process.

Easily Redesign Your Inplant Office as Needed with Modular Materials

Most of our customers will redesign one of our modular offices at least once during the life of the structure. As your facility’s needs change, it helps to have a modular office that is fully adaptable to accommodate those needs.

All of the materials purchased to construct your modular office system are reusable. If your space needs change, we’ll redesign your office for free, even if no additional materials are required.

Modular Inplant Offices Video Gallery

Porta-King modular inplant offices offer an easy way to quickly create a new, clean, and comfortable workspace inside your facility. Your material will be shipped in a crate with a clearly marked packing list attached to the outside. Inside the crate, you will find detailed installation instructions that include an illustrated parts list, floor plan layout, and a step-by-step assembly guide. Watch the video above for more information or call us today at (888) 481-1671.

Save Time & Money with Modular Construction

When choosing between modular offices and traditionally constructed offices, consider that all modular construction is objectively faster and more affordable. On average you can cut construction time by half when using a modular office design compared to conventionally constructed offices. All components used to construct modular inplant offices have already been designed and fabricated at our plant, causing:

  • Less disruption to your daily business operations
  • Less construction waste and debris

These modular rooms are so simple to assemble, your own maintenance staff can install them. Visit our modular factory office and our modular warehouse office pages to learn about more specific modular office applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lead time for Porta-King’s Modular Offices, Conference Rooms, Warehouse Offices, and Factory Offices?

Lead times for Porta-King’s modular offices, conference rooms, warehouse offices, and factory offices can vary depending on the final design and specific requirements of each project. In most cases, orders that utilize Porta-King’s standard inventoried materials can be shipped within 4-5 weeks. However, several factors can impact the lead time, such as the use of custom materials, the need for sealed engineering calculations, permitting, or other project-specific requirements. To ensure that your expectations are met, Porta-King encourages customers to discuss their lead time requirements early in the quoting process. By communicating your needs upfront, Porta-King can provide guidance on the factors that may affect lead times and work with you to develop a solution that meets your timeline and project goals.

What is the standard wall finish for Porta-King’s Modular Offices, Conference Rooms, Warehouse Offices, and Factory Offices?

The standard panel finish for Porta-King’s modular offices, conference rooms, warehouse offices, and factory offices is a 1/2″ vinyl-faced drywall on both the interior and exterior surfaces. This durable and attractive finish provides a clean, professional look that is well-suited for a variety of work environments. The vinyl facing is easy to maintain and resistant to scratches, scuffs, and stains, ensuring that your modular space looks great for years to come. Porta-King’s standard wall finish offers a cost-effective solution that balances aesthetic appeal with functionality, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to create high-quality, customized work spaces within their existing facilities.

What is the insulation value of Porta-King’s modular wall panels?

Porta-King’s standard modular wall panels feature a one-pound density expanded polystyrene core, which provides an impressive R-10 insulating value. This level of insulation helps to maintain a comfortable temperature within your modular office, conference room, warehouse office, or factory office, while also reducing noise transmission between the interior and exterior environments. For projects that require even higher levels of thermal performance, Porta-King offers an optional polyisocyanurate core that delivers an enhanced R-20 insulating value. By choosing Porta-King’s well-insulated modular wall panels, you can create a space that is energy-efficient, comfortable, and conducive to productivity, all while minimizing your ongoing heating and cooling costs.

What are the standard colors for Porta-King’s modular wall panels?

Porta-King offers five standard colors for their vinyl-covered drywall faced wall panels, providing a range of options to suit various design preferences and corporate branding requirements. In addition to these standard colors, Porta-King also offers an array of optional panel finishes and custom colors to address unique project applications. This flexibility allows customers to create modular offices, conference rooms, warehouse offices, and factory offices that seamlessly integrate with their existing décor or establish a distinctive aesthetic that reflects their company’s identity. To explore the full range of color options available, customers can review Porta-King’s Modular Color Guide, which showcases the standard colors, optional finishes, and custom possibilities for their modular wall panels.

What is the standard height for Porta-King’s Modular Offices, Conference Rooms, Warehouse Offices, and Factory Offices?

One of the key advantages of choosing Porta-King for your modular office, conference room, warehouse office, or factory office is the ability to customize the design to meet your specific application requirements. As such, there is no standard height for these modular spaces. Porta-King’s base design starts at 8′ tall, but they can accommodate heights of over 24′ depending on your needs. This flexibility allows you to create a modular space that optimizes the available vertical space within your facility, maximizing efficiency and functionality. Whether you require a standard ceiling height or a more expansive, open feel, Porta-King can work with you to design and build a modular solution that perfectly suits your unique specifications.

How tall can a Porta-King modular building be?

The maximum height of a Porta-King modular building is determined by several factors, including the layout size, clear span requirements, and whether you require the roof system to be load-bearing. By taking these factors into account, Porta-King can engineer a modular building that meets your specific height requirements while ensuring structural integrity and safety. Porta-King’s experienced team will work closely with you to assess your needs and design a custom solution that optimizes the available space within your facility. Whether you need a taller modular office to accommodate mezzanine storage, a spacious conference room with high ceilings, or a warehouse office that maximizes vertical space, Porta-King has the expertise to deliver a modular building that meets your exact specifications.

Can I get a price for a Porta-King modular building over the phone?

While Porta-King is happy to provide budget pricing to help you better understand the potential costs associated with your project, they recommend confirming the price with a formal quote. This approach ensures that your Porta-King representative has a complete understanding of your project requirements and can provide an accurate, detailed quote that reflects your specific needs. When you receive the formal quote, it is important to review it carefully to verify that all aspects of your project have been properly addressed. By taking the time to go through this process, you can be confident that the price presented in the formal quote is tailored to your unique modular building requirements, helping you make an informed decision and avoid any misunderstandings or unexpected costs down the line.

Can I get a square foot price for a Porta-King modular building?

Due to the highly customizable nature of Porta-King’s modular buildings, square foot pricing can vary significantly depending on your specific design criteria. Factors such as the size, layout, materials, finishes, and additional features of your modular office, conference room, warehouse office, or factory office can all impact the final cost per square foot. To provide you with the most accurate pricing information, Porta-King recommends allowing them to create a formal quote based on your unique project requirements. By doing so, you can determine the precise square foot cost for your particular modular building, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the investment required to bring your vision to life. This personalized approach to pricing enables Porta-King to deliver a solution that meets your exact needs and budget, without the uncertainty or limitations of a one-size-fits-all square foot price.

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