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Sports Video Towers

Sports practice facilities at high schools, colleges and even professional levels often need to be viewed from a high vantage point so coaches, videographers, or others can have an unobstructed view of the playing field. Prefabricated sports video & viewing towers offer coaches and other staff a practical and affordable area where they can view field activities.

Keeping Occupants Safe at Heights

When videographers and other personnel are in a tower, they need to focus on the task at hand without having to worry about safety. All prefabricated steel observation towers come with safety features that ensure a comfortable working environment:

  • Internal galley stairs with integral hand and guard rail increase safety for those ascending or descending to help prevent trips and other accidental falls.
  • Full perimeter guard rails on all balconies for added safety.
  • Rigid framework, along with a concrete foundation, ensures the observation tower will withstand applicable wind loads and seismic conditions.

Proven Experience

Our expert engineers have constructed sports video viewing towers for major colleges across the United States. Universities we have built towers for include:

University of Georgia

University of South Carolina

Kansas State University

University of Mississippi (Ole Miss)

Texas A&M University

University of Pittsburgh

Rutgers University

University of Illinois

University of Michigan (Football & Lacrosse)

West Virginia University

Virginia Tech University

California Polytechnic State University

Video Gallery

This video offers an overview of a Porta-King sports video & viewing tower while demonstrating the incredible POV provided by these fixed position structure. We have successfully installed these towers for high schools, universities, and professional sports teams across the U.S.. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements. We have factory representatives ready offer onsite assistance with design and installation.

Quick Construction Minimizes Disruption

Sports video and viewing towers can be built in less time than traditionally constructed towers, minimizing disruption to the surrounding area and playing field. They are quickly and safely constructed with pre-engineered components like galvanized steel to protect the tower from the effects of weather exposure. With such durability, your tower is guaranteed years of reliable service.

Sports Video Towers

Case Studies

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Sports Video Tower

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Towers Design Construction Options
Sports Video Towers

Design & Construction Options

Our towers are designed to create highly functional structures that can be used anywhere in the world. The pre-engineered components that we provide to construct our towers are designed to be easy to erect so your time of construction is dramatically reduced when compared to conventional construction. Porta-King Towers are constructed of the highest quality american materials to provide the most durable structures that will provide years of trouble free service.