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Save on Guard Shack Energy Bills Without Causing Employee Discomfort

Guard Shack

With the hot summer months approaching, keeping employees comfortable in Security Booths is important for their health and safety. To avoid the risk of becoming overheated, installing cooling units in the guard shack can help immensely, but they can be expensive to run if done improperly.Here are some simple ways to conserve energy bills for your guard shack:

Ensure Units are Sized Appropriately

Make sure the A.C. or H.V.A.C. unit is sized appropriately for the volume of the space. It is also important to take into consideration the geographical location for optimum results. Contrary to popular belief, bigger is not better. If too big, the unit will turn on and off more frequently, not only adding to your energy cost, but potentially causing premature compressor failure.

Put Blinds on the Windows

Blinds can be put on windows, especially on sides that receive most sun exposure. Window coverings can include blinds in the traditional sense, or window films. Window films are self-adhering plastic that you can put onto windows to reduce heat and glare.

Tint Windows to Reduce Heat

Tinting windows can reduce heat, but can cause issues if the tint is too dark. Dark tints can create a reflective effect from inside the building during nighttime operation. Like window films, tint reduces heat and glare.

Install Insulated Glass

Insulated glass can also be added to improve energy efficiency. Insulated glass is glass that has air between two panels to control heat flow from the elements. Still air is a good insulator, and double panes insulate much better than single pane windows do.

Close Doors Properly

When entering and exiting the guard shack, make sure doors are closed securely. Properly closed doors reduce the loss of cool air so your A.C. or H.V.A.C. does not have to work as hard to replace it.

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