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Utilizing Modular Mezzanines in Research Facilities

Research Facility

Mezzanines are not only for factory or warehouse use. They are also useful in other environments such as research facilities. Research centers are dedicated to researching a specific area of sciences. In research facilities, modular mezzanines can be used for:

Providing a Safe Working Environment

Employee safety is important no matter where the work takes place. All mezzanines have safety features like:

Porta-King mezzanines offer fall protection for employees to increase workplace safety. Fall protection can take the form of guard rails or fall arrest equipment like harnesses, if needed.

In the case of a seismic event, you can save money in replacement costs by ensuring that the valuable and sensitive equipment is not damaged. Seismic resistance will also help protect employees through a lateral load resistance system.

Work Platforms Utilize Space More Efficiently

If your research facility is compact but has ample ceiling space, installing a mezzanine as a work platform is a good idea. Not only will it allow for more working room and floor space, but it will do so over existing floor space with little to no disruption to activities in that area.

Mezzanine work platforms should be able to support all necessary equipment for the smooth operation of a research facility. The intended use of the platform will influence the final decision on how it can be safely and efficiently built.

Accessing Tall Machinery

In scientific or engineering research facilities, tall machinery and equipment is a common sight. As a result, certain pieces of machinery and equipment can only be safely accessed through the use of a support structure like a ladder or mezzanine. Mezzanines can be custom designed to fit around the desired structure and then later removed or moved to another location if need be.

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