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Enhancing Security Measures with Customized Guard Buildings

Guard booth with brick exterior


In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, ensuring the safety and security of facilities is a top priority for companies across various industries. One of the world’s largest food and beverage companies recently faced the challenge of upgrading its security infrastructure at the main entrance of one of its facilities. To address this critical need, the company turned to Porta-King, a leading provider of preassembled buildings, for a customized solution.

The Challenge

The food and beverage giant required a new guard building that could effectively support its security personnel and their equipment at the facility’s main entrance. The building needed to be spacious enough to accommodate the company’s specific requirements while seamlessly integrating with the existing security infrastructure. Additionally, the installation process had to be swift and efficient to minimize disruption to the facility’s daily operations.

Porta-King’s Solution

Porta-King’s team of experts collaborated closely with the client to develop a tailored solution that met their unique needs. To create a guard building with ample space, Porta-King produced two welded steel sections that would be assembled on-site to form a larger 16’x20′ structure. This modular approach not only ensured the building met the required dimensions but also significantly reduced the installation time.

The interior of the guard building was meticulously customized to facilitate the immediate installation of the client’s security equipment. Porta-King’s engineers worked diligently to incorporate various design features that would enable a seamless integration of the necessary tools and technologies. By leveraging Porta-King’s preassembled design, the client was able to have a fully operational guard building within a matter of days.

To enhance the aesthetic appeal of the guard building, the client selected a simulated brick facade. Porta-King’s team expertly installed this material on three walls of each pre-engineered section. The prefabricated nature of the material ensured a flawless integration when the sections were assembled on-site, resulting in a cohesive and visually appealing structure.

The Result

The successful completion of this project showcased Porta-King’s ability to deliver customized, high-quality solutions that meet the stringent security requirements of global enterprises. The client expressed great satisfaction with the final product, appreciating the attention to detail and the swift installation process that minimized operational disruptions.

Porta-King’s track record of excellence has led to a strong partnership with this food and beverage giant, with similar guard buildings being successfully completed at other locations across the United States. This ongoing collaboration demonstrates the trust and confidence that clients place in Porta-King’s ability to deliver tailored solutions that enhance security measures while seamlessly integrating with existing infrastructure.


In an era where security is of utmost importance, Porta-King continues to set the standard for preassembled buildings that combine functionality, customization, and aesthetic appeal. By working closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and leveraging its expertise in modular construction, Porta-King consistently delivers solutions that exceed expectations. As companies across various industries seek to fortify their security measures, Porta-King remains a trusted partner, ready to tackle even the most complex challenges with innovation and precision.

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