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Security Booth Helps Personnel Monitor Boston’s South Station

boston's south station security booth

As a major transportation hub, Boston’s train stations flood with people several times a day. Boston’s South Station, in particular, is busy 24-7. For this reason, security in this terminal is a top concern for public officials. To stay Boston Strong, these officials are taking steps to improve safety procedures for their public transportation system.

Keolis Commuter Services needed a strong, secure enclosure for video and visual monitoring, but they also knew they’d have to keep disruption to a minimum. They had very limited access for both equipment and personnel. They requested a space-saving solution that would give them a working security booth without hindering the thousands of commuters passing through each day.

Porta-King’s Solution Was Both Secure and Easy to Install

Security Booth at a Boston Terminal

Realizing that time and space were limited, Porta-King designed a security building that could be shipped in modular sections and assembled on site.

Once they designed the enclosure, they tackled the job in two stages. First, they built a raised platform with access stairs so they could make the most use of the space available. Next, they assembled the prefabricated panelized enclosure right there on the platform The entire job was completed in only two days, a fraction of the time it would have taken to finish with conventional construction.

Built with Durable Materials, Porta-King’s Enclosure Fit the Bill

The exterior of the security booth is made of reinforced steel for peak strength and durability. The security enclosure is functional, too, with one-way tinted windows that allow security personnel to observe train passengers discreetly. The building is a comfortable place for security guards to work. It provides Keolis Commuter Services exactly what they need to do their job well.

Count on Porta-King Modular Construction for Convenient and Reliable Security

Porta-King has the portable building design expertise and construction materials your business needs. If you’re looking for increased security at your site, let us know. Our modular security booths are an affordable solution for a number of industries.

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