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Quality Press Boxes from Porta-King

Press Box

In order to get your sporting event the attention it deserves, you will need to invite the press to cover it. If you want the press to come, you had better be able to accommodate them. This is why it is so important to have a quality press box.

Good press boxes will allow the press, coaching staff; game announcers and other select personnel people enough space to work freely in their respective roles while getting a good view of the entire field.  Structures can be designed with walkable, load bear roofs to allow photographers and videographers access to the roof so they can do their jobs. Guard rails are provided for the roof perimeter to make sure everyone is safe. These well-designed prefabricated structures from Porta-King offer just such size and strength to accommodate all press personnel while allowing them to work in comfort.

Each structure made by Porta-King is built to the exact size specifications required by the customer. We take great pride in customizing these boxes with the features that you need. We will also work to accommodate any sound system, signs, desk tops, cabinetry, or any other requirements necessary. We want to design a unit that will completely satisfy all your needs and stipulations.

We also stand behind the quality of our work, offering one of the best warranties in the business. Our press boxes are designed for durability and meant to withstand heavy usage. For over 40 years, Porta-King has been the company most trusted with building your team’s press box. Our products are prefabricated, so they are shipped directly to your facility already assembled. This eliminates the time and hassle of constructing the unit on-site.

Contact the professionals today at Porta-King to find out how they can improve the overall performance of your sporting events. They will work with you create a press box that fits into your budget as well as your facility. You can also view examples of our products in the press box photo gallery.

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