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What Green Roof Laws Mean for the Modular Industry

Green Roof

Many countries around the world like France and Canada are adopting green roof laws, which require commercial buildings to have solar panels and partially green roofs. Naturally, if America adopts these laws, it can affect the modular industry—but that doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing.

What is a Green Roof?

A green roof is a roof that that reduces pollution. For instance, some green roofs are covered with plants like grasses and shrubs to help:

Other green roofs have solar panels, which use solar energy to—at least partially—power their buildings. Solar power is a clean energy source that allows buildings to greatly reduce their reliance on gas, coal, or other pollution-causing energy sources.
Green roof laws are meant to reduce the effects of air pollution and other negative consequences of urbanization. Because plants have air and surface cooling properties, green roofs are designed to offset pollution and cool down cities.

Working Together to Reduce Costs

You’d be surprised to learn that green roof laws won’t necessarily affect the modular industry negatively. Many green roofs are modular and are designed to carry weight because of the amount of vegetation and water it can soak up. The modular industry will have to adjust to these changes if they become widespread. Clients may have more expenses to keep their green roof maintained, but green roof companies can help them create a roof that can fit their budget. Modular building companies can work together with green roof companies to design a modular building with a green roof that will save them money in the short and long runs.

Are Green Roof Coming to the U.S.?

For now, it doesn’t look like green roof laws are going to be implemented nation-wide anytime soon. There are tax incentive programs to attract funding for green construction, but so far, green infrastructure is not required for commercial buildings like it is in some parts of Europe and Canada. Some cities like New York City and Chicago are passing their own incentives to be more environmentally conscious.

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