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3 Guard Shack Design Decisions for Happier Employees

Guard Shack

Like all employees, security personnel deserves a place where they can work and care for their sensitive equipment worry-free. When designing guard booths that provide employees with a place to complete their work efficiently and safely, keep in mind:

  • Comfort
  • Convenience
  • Safety

Comfortable Employees are Happy Employees

No one likes being uncomfortable, especially when it comes to their working environment. Whether it is a scorching or freezing day, guard shelters should provide a place where security personnel will be kept out of the elements.

All of Porta-King’s prefabricated buildings support sustainable designs by using only energy efficient heating and cooling systems. Employees will highly appreciate a climate-controlled guard building where they do not have to worry about the dangers of extreme temperatures.

Convenience Produces Efficiency

With the convenience of prefabricated guard shacks, employees will not be displaced and have their work impeded by construction. They will also be able to get back to work faster, making them more productive than they would be with the presence of traditional construction.

With traditional construction comes demolition dust with can cause both health and environmental hazards. Being concerned about work health is not something that employees want on their plate.

Also, with the convenience of a prefabricated building, they can be as permanent or portable as you need.  Since they ship to site as a factory assembled unit, they can be easily moved to a new location as security needs change or you can order a new unit to quickly secure other areas.

Safety Comes First

Security personnel especially deserve a safe place to work. At Porta-King, we offer ballistic rated construction for our guard shacks. With upgraded security requirements, especially for factories and other facilities located in high risk areas, it is important that employees are able to work in a safe environment.

Guard buildings, no matter their purpose, should be able to perform with high standards of durability and be virtually maintenance-free. With that in mind, Porta-King offers three kinds of construction options for our guard shacks to address budget restrictions, special design requirements, energy and other project demands:

  • Durasteel
  • Durasteel PC
  • Duraluminum

With these three options, you can rest assured that your guard shack is designed in a way that specifically meets your individual needs. With the strong and reliable design, employees can work knowing that with such durability, they can remain safe.

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