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Why You Should Move Your Sales Office On-Site

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You are thinking of moving your off-site sales department closer to your broader team by installing a modular office in your factory or warehouse. What are the benefits and how can it help your business? What are the possible implications?

Moving your sales office on-site to an in-plant modular office can help:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Increase productivity & communication
  • Control your budget

Balance Your Services to Avoid Possible Disadvantages

While centralizing your operation by moving your sales office into an in-plant office can greatly benefit you, it is also important to take into consideration the possible drawbacks. For example, poor centralization choices like moving all of your employees and services into one building can stifle innovation and prevent effective services, especially if you are a national brand.

Just the same, improper centralization can prevent proper coordination needed to win over customers. By properly balancing your company’s centralized services from its decentralized ones, your company can run as efficiently as possible. Therefore, give thorough thought to which departments you’d like to move onsite before making any final decisions.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

With your sales office off-site, there is no doubt a lot of driving back and forth from the office to the warehouse. All of those emissions can add up over time. By moving your sales office to the interior of your factory or warehouse, travel is drastically reduced, or no longer needed at all.

Sustainable solutions for in-plant modular offices can not only help the environment, but save you money in energy and travel costs. Employees will also be more satisfied with their reduced traveling times and being closer to the action. A win-win solution!

Increase Productivity & Communication

By having an in-plant office, operations are centralized, resulting in better productivity and communication. By centralizing your operation, decisions can be made faster and more efficiently. In-plant offices can also help with control and accountability thanks to increased communication. Knowing that someone is close and available when you need them can be a boon to making your sales department more resourceful.

Better Control Over Your Budget

With centralized operations, budgeting is easier to control because it reduces the need to budget for an external property. Centralizing budgeting also grants a greater picture of a company’s finances. Misappropriation of funds can be swiftly dealt with and corrected through good governance and a consolidated budgeting system. Everything is streamlined, and without multiple budgeting systems, there is a better idea of where money is going and what it is being used for.

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