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3 Security Upgrades to Consider for Your Hotel

Guard House

When guests come to your hotel, they expect a safe, welcoming environment as it will be their home for the next few days. As such, having good security at your hotel is of the utmost importance. Not only will it deter unwanted visitors, but it will also ensure a good environment to which guests will want to come back to.

Place Guard Houses to Monitor Visitors

Guard booths placed at strategic locations like entrances to parking garages and lobbies help ensure the safety of guests and can help monitor the flow of vendors and visitors.

You can also begin issuing passes to visitors who are not guests (e.g. someone coming in for a convention) to help manage traffic.

Guard houses installed in parking areas of the hotel also help make sure that guest vehicles aren’t broken into or damaged. Having a guard house in these areas will also let guests feel safer knowing that a security guard is close by when walking into the hotel.

Install Active Video Surveillance in Public Areas

Security cameras have been linked to reduced crime rates and when used responsibly, can be a boon for your hotel. Having active video surveillance in public areas like the lobby and hallways can help deter thieves and act as evidence should an incident occur. Train your hotel security staff in the proper use of the equipment and on staff 24/7 to monitor equipment. Having cameras installed in stairwells will also help monitor this more secluded area for additional security.

Update Locks & Restrict Access to Guest Floors

Upgrade the locks to guest rooms and other areas like the pool with electronic access cards, which allow greater control over the system. The program can monitor doors and tell if they were trying to be accessed without permission.

It’s also good practice to have employees remind guests to use the deadbolts and privacy latches whenever they are in their rooms and to check to make sure that doors to adjoining rooms and all windows are secured. Also consider adding lock systems to elevators and stairwell doors so only registered guests can access the guest room levels.

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