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Prefabricated Guard Towers Are Safe & Practical for Prison Guards

Guard Tower

When it comes to safety, prisons especially need buildings that will increase the safety and security of the facility, surrounding grounds, and prison guards. As such, Porta-King is dedicated to the safety of guards working in prisons, making sure that all guard towers in which they work are both safe and practical.

Upgrade Environmental Protection

Prison guards should not have to be exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time when on duty. Guard towers are built with an enclosure that can be heated or cooled as needed. When protected from the elements, your guards will be able to do their job more efficiently and safely.

Prefabricated guard towers are built to withstand environmental conditions like rain and snow. Painted with an industrial-grade acrylic enamel, prison guard towers will resist nicks and rust for years to come. With such low-maintenance, your prison will not need to replace or repair the guard towers for years.

Prison guards will appreciate the longevity of their guard towers because they won’t have to worry about their safety while on it. No accidental injuries from exposed metal or worries about a rusty floor’s integrity. With peace of mind, guards will be able to focus on their task.

Increase Fall Protection

Guard towers are high-traffic areas. Each shift change increases the possibility of an accident and in an emergency it’s important to take every precaution to prevent falling. Installing railing and other safety features around internal stairs and the observation deck will prevent accidental falls and make guards feel more secure in their day to day routines.

Invest in Prison Security Specifications

All of Porta-King’s guard towers are prefabricated and custom designed to meet any building requirements a prison may have. Before the tower is built, Porta-King will conduct an on-site review to make sure that your guard tower will fulfill the necessary requirements from placement to ballistic-rated capabilities. With these figures in hand, Porta-King will get to work building the guard tower for your prison that will suit your unique needs.

Decrease Downtime Between Old and New Guard Towers

All of Porta-King’s prefabricated towers are built off-site and then shipped in, so there is no need to wait for days for construction to be completed. Guards can quickly get to work in their new guard tower observing the surrounding prison grounds.

This decreased downtime and clean construction environment, guard safety is improved. Guards will be able to clearly see the surrounding area and have a safe place to stay.

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