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3 Ways Mezzanines Can Make Your Power Plant More Effective

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Power plants are important to our country as they are the main source of producing power for home and businesses. If something goes wrong and the power plant shuts down, thousands of people will be left without power. To prevent this scenario, power plants have to make sure that they run as reliably, efficiently, and safely as possible.

Installing mezzanines in a power plant is a great way to make sure that the plant not only runs at optimal capacity, but to keep workers safe so they can do their jobs unhindered.

Access to High or Hard-to-Reach Places

Power plants are known for having high, hard-to-reach areas in which the workers would normally have trouble getting to, like a valve or some wiring. Utilizing a mezzanine designed as a fall protectionstructure in critical points will help make sure that workers will be able to reach these sections as efficiently and as safely as possible. If workers are unable to get to a section quick enough and safely, it can waste valuable time through difficulty reaching the space or injury.

Preventing Falls & Seismic Damage

When placed correctly, mezzanines designed as equipment platform scan also help protect workers from falls when working on equipment in power plants. By combining railing with fall-arrest systems, workers can rest assured of their safely at a height.

Porta-King’s mezzanines are also designed to withstand seismic conditions. So should your power plant be subjected to seismic activities, you will not lose money or precious equipment due to damages and repairs. The mezzanine will move with the quakes to ensure stability of the structure and the load it is carrying.

Increase Power Plant Space

Should you need more space for equipment to efficiently run your power plant because of a new piece of equipment mezzanines offer a great solution. Instead of building new sections to the plant, utilize the space you already have and build upwards. Using ceiling space instead of building new will also save the plant money in building costs.

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