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Protect Your School’s Sports Equipment with an Equipment Enclosure

Equipment Enclosure

Sports draw in a lot of revenue for most schools, so it’s important to keep sports equipment in good condition so teams can play their best. Equipment enclosures can help keep sports equipment in good condition by providing a safe place for storage when it’s not in use.

Protect Sports Equipment from the Elements

When sports equipment gets wet, it can rust or get moldy—not ideal for peak sports performance. Equipment enclosures offer a way to protect sports equipment from the weather, be it rain, snow, or wind.

Porta-King’s equipment enclosures are maintenance-free and last for years, so you do not have to worry about leaks or rusting. By staying strong, the enclosure can keep your sports equipment out of the weather all year round.

Protect Sports Equipment from Theft

It’s no secret that sports equipment is expensive. Thus, providing a safe, secure place to store equipment when not in use will help deter theft so your school doesn’t have to replace it before its time.

Whether the equipment enclosure is constructed with Duraluminum or Durasteel, it is designed to remain strong while remaining budget-friendly. They’re a good choice for schools that need quality protection without breaking the bank.

Convenient Storage Closer to the Field

Sports equipment can be very heavy, and moving it from storage in the school to the field for practice and back again can be difficult. By installing an equipment enclosure close to the playing field, it will be much quicker and easier to set up the needed equipment.

Equipment enclosures arrive fully assembled to the site and can be installed in minutes. If you ever find you need to move your equipment enclosure, perhaps due to a new playing field, no problem. It is a simple matter of taking the structure off of its base, moving it to the new location and reinstalling it.

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