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A Cooling Room Solution for A Construction Materials Company

Cooling Room

Recently we were contacted with a request for preassembled “cooling” rooms.

The company produces gypsum panels and other quality construction materials. Much of their manufacturing operation takes place in unconditioned space. During warmer months plant temperatures can rise significantly so it becomes critical for employees to have access to temporary relief. This provides not only a safeguard against heat exhaustion but also improves productivity.



Cooling Rooms Provide Needed Relief

In order to reduce travel time for employees on the production line it was important to make these temporary oases easily accessible. To accomplish this, we provide units with integral floor structures that include forklift pockets so they could be easily transported to their desired location. Their compact design enables these units to be easily moved down isle ways for placement directly adjacent to production areas. The cooling rooms you see here also included casters to facilitate immediate transportation of shorter distances.

The benefits of Porta-King Cooling Rooms include:

  • Impact resistant high-density particle board wall construction.
  • Polyisocyanurate insulation for walls and ceiling (minimum R10)
  • Maintenance free anodized aluminum exterior
  • Quick disconnect electrical system
  • Thru wall or roof mounted AC units
  • Sliding or swing doors
  • Full perimeter glazing

Available optional features include:

  • Mini power zones to facilitate step down electrical service
  • Lockers and custom cabinetry
  • Painted steel or fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) wall surfaces

Larger sizes and custom floor plans are available.

Cooling Room
Cooling Room

Porta-King Designs Ready-to-Ship Solutions for Your Industry

Porta-King has the design expertise and construction materials to build a wide array of modular and prefabricated building solutions. They can create enclosures for any industry, including those for which safety and security are paramount.

If you need a cooling room or other modular solution for your facility, contact us! We’re happy to discuss your needs with you and come up with the perfect structure for your site.

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