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Porta-King Provides Space Solutions for State 48 Rock House

Porta-King Space Solutions

At Porta-King, we design construction solutions for a range of industries. Recently, we helped State 48 Rock House, a restaurant and brewhouse, give their customers more space.

A Mezzanine Designed for Second Level Terrace Seating

State 48 Rock House planned a new buildout that would include a second level seating area. Using traditional construction methods, this installation would have been a long, costly process. With Porta-King, however, they could install new terrace seating quickly and easily.


The designers at Porta-King worked with Desert Material Handling and consulted architectural drawings to create the perfect space that was up to code and ready for new customers.

Our solution features:

  • Design elements in tune with the style of State 48 Rock House
  • Plenty of headroom above and below
  • A protective guard rail around the perimeter to meet public space requirements
  • An easy to access stairwell and other considerations to make the space as patron friendly as possible
  • Enough space to meet the needs of their customers and expand their business

State 48 is very happy with the additional space that the mezzanine area affords them and their patrons.


When You Need Fast, Up to Code Solutions, Contact Porta-King

When you work with Porta-King, you can expect numerous design options, an easy-to-install solution, and friendly customer support both off and on site. Whether you are in a B2B or B2C industry, we can design a solution perfect for your business.

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