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Correctional Facility Gets New Guard Booth Towers

guard booth at correctional facility

The County Corrections facility in Pinellas County, Florida needed to have their guard towers that overlooked Recreation Observation within the correctional facility yard replaced. They needed something that would:

  • Be cost effective
  • Withstand the extreme weather conditions of the region
  • Be able to keep guards safe

When the correctional facility decided to upgrade the guard towers, they had to decide whether to refurbish or replace.  They made the decision to refurbish the towers and replace the existing guard booths.

Cost Effective Design

The General Contractor refurbished the existing guard towers and bought Porta-King Durasteel guard booths to replace the existing units. The reasons the corrections facility decided to replace the guard booths included:

  • The cost of refurbishing and how much additional time these units would last lead them to replace them with new ones.
  • Incorporating a new layout and other design features would made them more functional
  • Greater energy efficiency and ability to withstand hurricane winds

Withstanding Extreme Florida Weather

Florida is known for their extreme weather during hurricane season. Therefore the new guard booths installed at the correctional facility would need to be energy efficient while providing protection from hurricane force winds.  Both of these issues could be addressed with a new design that was  Florida DCA compliant and met Florida 2014 codes.

For structures built within an impact zone, as was the case for this application, this requires design features that were not included in the existing structures.  In particular this newer version of the code would require inclusion of impact windows and doors that were not included in the existing booths.

Longer Lasting Guard Booths Keep Guards Safe

Guard booths are designed to be ballistic-rated and provide security for guards at the facility. That way, they can perform their job in safety while being protected from weather of Florida. Since Porta-King’s guard booths are designed to be long lasting, the correctional facility will be able to utilize them for many years to come. This longevity means fewer repairs and no need to spend more money replacing them again. Perfect for finding a quality guard booth that will protect guards that won’t go over budget.

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