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Observation Towers Provided Optimal POV

Observation_Booth-300x168Porta-King provides turnkey solutions for observation booths required by companies and organizations who engage in the monitoring of people or processes. Our customers include the U.S. military, sheriff departments, manufacturing operations, testing agencies and more.
This recent application came to us from a company engaged in testing the performance characteristics of new automobiles. This requires personnel to be as close as possible to the track the vehicles are using to conduct their tests. To achieve the necessary viewing perspective required for the users an elevated platform was needed along with a booth to provide shelter for personnel and their equipment. Porta-King’s turnkey solution included:
• A 42” high painted steel platform w/ skirting
• Access stair with bar grate tread
• 8’x8’ anodized aluminum observation booth
• Off load and installation service

There is always the option of building a structure on site with conventional construction. However, when selecting our pre-engineered design customers typically identify the following reasons:
• Prefabricated design reduces or eliminates on-site disruptions
• Avoid the cost of an architect’s services
• Free design assistance
• Free on-site support
• Durable, long lasting product designs
• Competitive pricing

In addition to observation towers, this product combination is also very popular for other applications. These include:
• Guard towers for private and public security applications.
• Range towers for hand gun and rifle ranges

Porta-King also manufactures a variation on these towers that have become very popular with video professionals who tape football practices. The fixed position structures occupy a smaller footprint than our observation towers and can be built with a variety of design features including viewing platforms and more. Custom heights to a maximum of 52′ top of deck are available.  We have supplied these towers to high school, collegiate and professional football teams.

If you are in the market for any of these tower applications we’re ready to help. Contact us anytime by phone or e-mail and we’ll respond right away.

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