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Everything You Need To Know About Utilizing Observation Towers For Your Organization

Observation Tower

There are many applications where an unobstructed aerial view of a surrounding area is advantageous, whether for surveillance reasons, security, vantage point, wildlife viewing, or otherwise. The concept of observation towers isn’t new, the very idea of getting to higher ground for an advantage is primal in nature, but the observation towers at Porta-King are anything but. Porta-King Towers are constructed with high grade materials, built to withstand the elements and time.

Observe & Record with Comfort, Safety

The taller the structure, the greater the impact of wind and other elements can be felt at greater heights. Structural engineers who design tall buildings and skyscrapers use wind load calculations in their analysis of the structure, as an important and key safety feature.

This principle is directly correlated with outdoor observation towers. While not nearly as tall as the buildings you’d find in a major metropolis, our High Rise Tower has a maximum height of 52’ top of deck, careful consideration is still taken when planning your tower’s use, maximum height, and other vital features. 

Porta-King stands on the shoulders of giants here, both metaphorically and literally. All of our towers; guard towers, range towers, band towers, rappel towers, sports video and viewing towers, provide a safe and advantageous viewpoint for the users. These towers have been and are continually constructed using the highest quality materials, with a galvanized finish designed to withstand abuse, and resist rust and corrosion. All structures are built to comply with local building codes, geographical requirements in the area they are installed, and accommodating seismic and wind loads.

As with most Porta-King modular structures, our observation towers family of products can accommodate nearly any footprint. This gives our clients the flexibility to alter the structure for a number of different uses; for instance, adding a prefabricated building as a control booth on your tower for your firing range or a guard tower for a prison. 

A Wide Range of Applications

Observation towers can be utilized across several applications. The structural integrity, rigorous testing, and custom design remained unchanged, but the purpose and layout are tailored to each unique requirement.

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