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Powder Paint Line Machine Enclosure for Belco Industries

Overhead view of a machine enclosure

Creating high-quality custom equipment in a timely, safe manner is a trademark of Porta-King. Recently, Belco Industries, an OEM manufacturer specializing in custom-engineered control cabs for uses ranging from agriculture to forestry to specialty truck markets, needed a powder paint line enclosure. Creating this machine enclosure would allow the manufacturer to have on-site control of final appearance of their product for their customers without outsourcing labor and aesthetic to other parties with less guarantee of quality. 

This manufacturer, to its great fortune, contacted Porta-King to achieve this end. 

Installing a Custom Paint Line Machine Enclosure Quickly

This necessary upgrade to performance for their clients’ needs would come at the cost of downtime to allow for construction on their site. Knowing this, Porta-King acted with its signature speed and precision, creating the enclosure to spec in just two and a half weeks. The speed at which Porta-King constructed this sizeable machine enclosure (32’ wide by 85’ long and 22’ tall) ensured that client downtime was at a minimum.

Work with Porta-King for Your Custom Machine Enclosure

Maintenance-free, durable, easy installations with insulated panels and HVAC-compatible equipment are hallmarks of Porta-King custom enclosures. No matter the job, our team of expert engineers will create the product you need to meet your goals. With years of experience making them the leading company in the field, Porta-King’s specialty is creating safe, high-quality enclosures for your machine shop.

Choosing the Right Quality Components for the Job

Not only that, but due to Porta-King’s commitment to quality in using pre-engineered components and prefinished panel surfaces, there was no risk of contamination issues that might have resulted from less-refined industrial standards. Porta-King used Versa-King systems for the structural integrity of the 22’ walls and—to ensure long-lasting durability and service—use clear satin anodized aluminum material for framing to prevent shedding and corrosion.

As a result, Belco Industries is now able to save money by painting its product, keep employees safe by preventing the spread of potentially dangerous chemicals involved in the painting process, and ensure that their other products are not affected by air flow carrying the spray of paint powder across the factory floor. Quality of materials and construction mean that the equipment enclosure is secure, keeping employees safe in the workplace and ensuring the completion of future orders.

As this specialty manufacturer can attest, no matter the job, Porta-King treats every construction with the integrity and quality it deserves.

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