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Modular Cannabis Grow Rooms

Residents of several states have voted to legalize marijuana for medicinal and, in some cases, recreational purposes. The resulting response has been overwhelming as agricultural entrepreneurs capitalize on the opportunity. For growers interested in the business of cannabis or marijuana, there are logistics to consider, particularly the best way to establish a grow room. Indoor, vertical farming provides a perfect solution and is growing in popularity as a space-efficient way to produce crops like cannabis used for medical marijuana.

Select the Modular Wall System for Your Cannabis Grow Room Needs

We offer the industry’s largest selection of wall system designs. By providing so many options, we can address a broader range of modular grow room application requirements. All our wall systems offer distinct advantages over conventional construction and they are ideally suited for constructing grow rooms inside new buildings or for retrofitting existing structures.

Performance Advantages Include:

  • Mold resistance wall panel construction
  • Prefinished, impact resistant wall surfaces
  • Easy to seal connections to reduce air movement

High light reflective panel surfaces including:

  • Fiberglass reinforced plastic
  • PVC
  • High pressure laminate (HPL)

Each Modular Grow Room is Custom Designed to Your Specific Floorplan

Our team will work with you to design a layout to meet your exact application requirements. Our prefabricated, modular design means the materials arrive ready for immediate installation. You can anticipate a minimum of 50% faster set up than what is achievable with conventional construction. With very limited on-site fabrication required during the assembly process, your facility stays free of dust and debris.

Wall panels are available in a range of thicknesses to address design specifications such as:

  • Insulation values – R values to R-32
  • Panel heights up to 40 feet
  • Sound control

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best panel finish for a grow room?

The choice of a panel finish should be based on the application. For grow areas, it’s important to have a panel surface that is durable but also non-shedding, moisture resistant, and light reflective. For these reasons, our most popular panel surface is smooth fiberglass reinforced plastic, or FRP. We can also supply PVC and painted steel. For reflectivity, we recommend the color white for interior surfaces.

Our modular panels are also a great option for other areas inside your grow complex. For applications such as offices, breakrooms, packaging, etc. that are often built using conventional drywall and stud construction, we recommend a prefinished vinyl covered drywall finish.

Available in a variety of colors, these panels not only assemble faster than conventional construction, they also offer excellent durability, insulation, and sound control.

Is there a typical ceiling height you provide?

The type of ceiling system you plan to use will be a factor in determining the wall panel height. While panel heights for the grow areas range from 10’ to 14’, it really depends on whether you will be growing on a single or stacked configuration.

A panelized ceiling is typically installed directly on top of the wall panels so that your wall height is the same as your finished ceiling height. If you chose to use a metal deck with a suspended ceiling system to create a sealed plenum, then the size and positioning of duct work will become a factor as well.

Typically, the height of the plenum space subtracted from the wall panel height determines your finished ceiling height. Wall panel height can be adjusted accordingly to create the necessary plenum space.

What is the insulation value of your wall panel?

Our 3” VK wall panel is our most popular system for modular grow room construction. With a 1 lbs. density expanded polystyrene (EPS) core, the R-value is 12. We also offer an option polyisocyanurate insulating core with an R-value of 16.

Can you supply installation support?

Yes, we have a nationwide network of 3rd party installers with extensive experience in both general construction and installation of our modular enclosures. We can also support your installation with free on-site assistance by one of our own technical sales representatives based across the country.

Benefits of Setting Up Your Commercial Grow Room

Commercial grow rooms should be set up for success from the start. While the costs of initial set-up can vary greatly, the return on investment will yield high when your commercial grow rooms are set up properly from start to finish.

You can expect higher yields, superior quality, and precision control with Porta-King commercial grow rooms. As is the nature of commercial operations, you will need to consider the long-term variables of rent, lighting, nutrients and feed, etc. Porta-King commercial grow rooms have a great advantage to commercial greenhouses or even outdoor cultivation.

Especially in the booming medical marijuana industry, commercial grow rooms are the standard for a high quality product, grown within very specific and controlled conditions.

Porta-King can work directly with you to settle up the design details and building materials of your commercial grow rooms. We preach quality, precision, and long term investments for new and expanding commercial cannabis growers.

Free, on-site, design assistance and installation services are always available through our nationwide network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Modular Cannabis Grow Rooms

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