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Inplant Office Case Study: Camcraft

The Client:

Camcraft, based in Hanover Park, IL, is a manufacturer of high-end automotive and hydraulic components. According to the company, its niche is in highly engineered components and assemblies on state-of-the-art and emerging technologies.

The Client’s Need:

After adding 28,000 square feet to its facility, Camcraft needed a fast, cost-efficient solution of installing offices throughout its manufacturing floor. Camcraft required the four offices in order to fulfill three criteria:

  • Performance usage: to promote an optimal working environment for Camcraft employees.
  • Engineering usage: to provide facilities for Camcraft’s manufacturing processes.
  • Quality control labs usage: to create controlled environments in laboratories.

Classic Modular Systems, a Naperville, IL-based distributor of modular office and plant environments, recommended Porta-King’s Versa-King system to Camcraft, based on the units’ quality and affordability.

How Porta-King Helped

In January and February 2006, Camcraft installed four 3” Versa-King units by Porta-King to create the foreman’s office and three quality control labs. This load-bearing model creates a controlled environment for production use, as well as provides shelter for Camcraft’s expensive inspections equipment. One Versa-King unit also encloses the bead blast room- where glass beads are sprayed onto components- which prevents dust from entering the manufacturing floor.

Due to the versatility of the Versa-King, Camcraft is able to increase or decrease the units’ sizes according to future needs. Camcraft can easily add, modify or remove electrical and other wiring as needed. The R-13 insulation rating of the wall panels’ solid polystyrene core also provides an excellent sound barrier between the labs, office and manufacturing floor. 

The Results

The Versa-King units manufactured by Porta-King accomplished several important things for Camcraft:

  • The company now uses three quality control labs for in-process inspections, which occur during the manufacturing process.
  • These special facilities maintain Camcraft’s highly controlled environment.
  • The Versa-King units facilitate superior plant supervision by providing Camcraft’s foreman with an office on the manufacturing floor.

Porta-King has been a leader in custom-designed, prefabricated buildings since 1969. The company manufacturers a full line of modular wall systems and enclosures, including single and two-story designs, as well as structural steel mezzanines, preassembled exterior buildings and shelters. For more information, visit www.portaking.com or call 888-210-3978.

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