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Custom Dual Pane Windows Meet Requirements for Clean Room

On a recent clean room project for a pharmaceutical manufacturer in Indiana, the client requested Porta-King’s Versa-King modular wall system, but they didn’t want to a ledge at each window. Why? They were concerned that dust might collect. Porta-King altered the design to create a custom solution.

The standard arrangement on the Porta-King system has a flush-mounted window on one side; the other side is normally inset from the wall surface by a couple of inches. Porta-King custom designed a second pane with a frame that permitted flush mounted window on both sides of the wall panels, eliminating the ledge where dust could collect. Due to the customer’s stringent cleanliness requirements, both windows were sealed with silicone caulk all around, to assure that no dust could penetrate.

This customer also required the use of FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) wall panel materials on both sides of the panel for durability. Porta-King was happy to comply. After three months’ use, our client is satisfied with the results, and has ordered additional areas built to the same specification.

Do you need a minor adjustment to a Porta-King project? No problem! We always customize products to a client’s exact specifications.

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