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Modular Office and Mezzanine Create Solution in Airport Hangar Remodel – A Case Study

The Company

FBO Air is a company that sells and repairs aircraft for individual and corporate clients. They operate out of a hangar at Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport in Avoca, Pennsylvania.

The Problem

The traditionally built office area the company was using in the hangar was in disrepair and out of date, taking up too much square footage and providing too little usable space. It also wasn’t providing the professional atmosphere that their customers expected when they visited FBO Air for a purchase or repair. The entire hangar was in need of an update, so the company made the decision to remodel at the request of the company’s President.

How Porta-King Helped

A big goal of the remodeling process was to determine an efficient solution that provided usable, professional office space, without taking up too much room in the hangar. They priced traditional and modular options and decided Porta-King provided the best option and the most efficient installation process. So they chose to build modular with Porta-King.

Porta-King proposed and built a mezzanine with modular office space on the upper level, and a partially enclosed modular area below. The idea was to provide a professional place for business, as well as a usable space for the mechanics. The upper level of the structure was fitted with FAA office room, management offices and a parts room. Each room has individual heating and air conditioning controls. Carpet and shelving was installed in each. The area left unenclosed on the bottom level was used for tool storage and work space.

Everyone involved was happy with the result, and the president of FBO Air was brought in to review the project. He was thrilled with the product, the price and the speed in which it was installed. The project was finished in the third week of January ’07 and FBO Air has received numerous compliments and inquiries about their modular construction solution from customers and others who have come through and noticed the new space.

The Results

Professionalism – FBO Air has a professional appearance and presence inside their facility to support the image that their customers hold for the company.

Versatility – A big reason the company decided to go with Porta-King is the versatility of the product. Modular building products can be easily uninstalled and moved to accommodate any necessary changes in the future.

Cost-Effective Solution – FBO Air certainly saved both time and money in choosing to implement Porta-King’s modular solution. But because modular buildings are legally considered equipment rather than real estate, the purchase can also be depreciated off the books and save them tax revenue.

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