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Porta-King Offers Framed Wall Systems Superior to Insulated Metal Panel (IMP) Self Framing Wall System

Framed Wall System

Modular construction is the best way to expedite the completion of the interior build out of cultivation grow facilities. Modular wall systems are available in two primary designs. One design includes an independent framing system. This framing system is placed between the wall panels to secure them together. It also serves as load bearing support and a chase to conceal electrical, data or fertigation lines.

The other option is a wall system assembled without an independent framing system. These systems consist of an insulated metal panel or IMP. This system consists of a solid insulating core with painted sheet steel laminated to the interior and exterior surface. The steel skins project past the insulation edge and include two formed ends that enable panels to be interconnected without an independent frame.

What are the differences between the two systems as it relates to the interior build out of a cannabis grow operation? The following is our perspective on why a framed wall system is a better choice. We offer the following for your consideration:



With connecting posts, the framed wall system enables concealment of electrical, data wiring, water lines or other items that can fit inside the nominal 1 3/4” x 2” cavity.


These systems are self-framing, therefore there is no space between the panels. All electrical wiring, data, fertigation lines, etc. must be surface mounted.



All framed wall systems are designed as independent, standalone structures. The framing between panels create load bearing studs so it is easy to design stand-alone structures with self-supporting ceiling systems.


IMP systems utilize the insulated metal panel for both walls and ceiling. Because the wall panels offer no substantial load bearing capability, support for the ceiling typically relies upon support from an existing structure. This can cause issues if the existing structure is not designed sufficiently to support the collateral load.



Wall panel connecting posts are located every 4 feet. These posts create a load bearing roof system to support maintenance personnel and/or mechanical equipment. These posts can also facilitate design of self-supporting, independent, two-story structures to maximize floor space utilization.  


IMP systems are not designed to support vertical loading of any kind. This can make third party engineering calculations for any seismic requirements hard to acquire.



Our connecting post creates a “non-progressive” design. This means that by disassembling two or more connecting posts, any individual, or series of wall panels, can be removed from anywhere within the system without moving adjacent panels or the ceiling system.

Our unique extruded post design compresses onto solid panel surfaces and positively locks into windows and door frames to ensure a better seal and a professional fit and finished appearance.  

Versa-King Framed Wall Systems offer multiple ceiling system options, including storage load bearing designs. Acoustical ceiling systems can also be used for building out of office spaces, break rooms or other areas.


IMP systems install progressively so removing individual panel(s) is not possible.

IMP ceiling systems are typically designed using the IMP panel only by connecting them together on a horizontal plane. This design typically relies on support from the existing structure. Panels are suspended from the existing structure via cables or threaded rods. If the existing structure is not designed to support this additional load there may be issues securing independent PE calcs and stamped drawing.  This can lead to issues in securing building permits.

Performance & Flexibility:


All our building components are manufactured under strict QC procedures and are shipped from a single facility to ensure consistent quality and appearance. 

Non shedding, corrosion proof aluminum structural components, and other framing materials are best for high humidity environments.  

Porta-King offers a wide variety of panel finish and wall core compositions to address different application and code requirements. Finishes like vinyl covered drywall are available in a variety of colors.  This option enhances the aesthetics while providing superior sound control. Both features along with the speed of assembly make for a better and faster way to build out “non-grow” areas such as offices, conference rooms, breakrooms, and more.


IMP systems consist of a painted steel sheet laminated to a solid insulating core. This design offers little in terms of aesthetic or sound control therefore making this system a less than desirable option for non-grow areas inside a cultivation facility. 



We are an integrated system designer with components designed specifically for our structures. Components such as door frames, windows, electrical raceways, and other miscellaneous framing material are made of extruded aluminum for seamless integration into our modular wall system.


IMP systems often use third party building sources for construction components like doors and windows. 

Why Porta-King?

Porta-Kings Versa-King framed wall systems can be moved and/or modified with a 100% recapture of the original material investment.  Each component is marked for easy reference in the permanent records for all orders that we retain in our database. This enables us to provide free redesign of your original purchase, even if no additional materials are required.

We collaborate with you at every stage of the design process to develop a speedy, cost-effective, and simple-to-maintain solution. 

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