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Porta King Builds Reinforced Guard Booths to Aid Access Control at Schools

Reinforced Guard Booth

As part of the initiative to ramp up safety measures for the nation’s educational institutions, Porta-King recently manufactured a guard booth to funnel student traffic after a security fence was installed around Pembroke Hill, a local private school in Kansas City, MO.

The Need for Access Control Solutions at Educational Institutions

The reality of heightened security measures in schools and other large gathering venues cannot be overstated. With increasing awareness for school violence prevention, more facilities have turned to school security guard booths and other controlled access measures.  

The National Center for Educational Security, or NCES, has been reporting annual data on school safety and security measures for almost 2 decades. One measure in this category is the reported percentage of public schools that implemented controlled access to the building during school hours. Data from 1999 to 2018 shows a steady incline from 74% to almost 95% in schools implementing these measures, proving more educational institutions are gaining the solutions they need for controlled access.

Code Compliance Booths that Meet Your Access Control Needs

Since 1969, Porta-King has been dedicated to designing quality, innovative, cost-effective, modular and prefabricated building systems and structures such as cleanrooms, in-plant offices, equipment enclosures, and guard booths.

We suggested Durasteel for this project as the all steel construction was the best option to meet the customer’s performance requirements and for compliance with current state building codes. The project manager at Pembroke Hill was also concerned about aesthetics. He wanted a design that would compliment the school’s architectural features. To address these concerns, we included an architectural standing seam roof. After delivery, a mason then applied brick and stone to match the school’s facade.

Peace of Mind for Students, Parents, and Faculty

For schools and industrial buildings looking for cost-effective, reinforced security solutions, Porta-King delivers! Contact Porta King to learn more about their solutions for your access control needs.

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