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Porta-King Supplies Scale House to Recycling Facility

recycling facility

In the waste industry, it’s important that all waste is properly weighed and sorted to know where it will go, be it an incinerator or a recycling plant. Porta-King recently built a prefabricated scale house for a transfer station at a recycling facility in the Midwest. Our scale house protects the scale monitoring equipment for the drive-up truck scale and shelters the attendants who monitor the scale and interact with the truck drivers.

Easy Access for Trucks & Employees

The scale house Porta-King constructed for this Midwest recycling facility is a structural steel building measuring 8 feet wide by 20 feet long so all the equipment and personnel can fit inside comfortably. In addition, the scale house has a 30 inch building bump out with custom stainless steel service window. The bump out enables scale operators to get closer to truck drivers’ windows. A sliding service window enables easy conversation.

In addition, this window is designed for the high use this particular application requires and is made with full perimeter glass for 360 degree visibility. We also elevated it on 36 inch galvanized legs to put the scale operator in a better position to interact with large rig drivers. The elevation also provides easier scale and truck level access.

Withstanding Midwest Weather

Each Porta-King product is built to last. The scale house’s supports, stairs, and landing were galvanized to resist the harsh Midwest climate. Because the Midwest can have extreme weather, from the sweltering heat of the summer to the bitter cold of winter, the scale house came complete with HVAC and pre-wired electrical. That way, employees and drivers can work in comfort and safety in any weather. Finally, the scale house was primed and painted as per customer choice.

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