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Porta-King Products Chosen for New Vestibule at Bank of America

PK Nov NewsThe Bank of America in Glen Burnie, Maryland had a problem. Their current store-front vestibule was not ADA compliant, so they had to design an entirely new structure that met those standards. The architect in charge of the project recommended Porta-King’s prefabricated vestibule as the right solution.

The general contractor contacted Porta-King for pricing before bidding the product and affiliated installation. The project was eventually awarded to Potter Construction of Charlotte, North Carolina. With their new Porta-King prefabricated vestibule and layout, the entrance is now ADA compliant.

Installation in an Afternoon

Certain prefabricated structures can be installed in a single afternoon. The Bank of America project went very smoothly. Since the vestibule was build off-site, construction waste was reduced significantly during installation and none of the bank’s employees and customers had to worry about construction noise until the unit was ready to install.

Since the prefabricated vestibule arrived fully assembled, Porta-King’s installer was able to install it on a Saturday afternoon when the bank was closed in only a few hours. This timing ensured that no construction would get in the way of the bank’s daily business and traffic.

Increased Entrance Safety

The prefabricated vestibule measured 8 ft. by 8 ½ ft. by 8 ft. with a 3 inch overhang in the front. Porta-King designed the structure to convert the existing doors into a secured point of entry. In addition to this added security, the addition of fully glazed walls improved safety by providing high visibility both inside and out so no one is isolated while moving through the vestibule.

Additional Safety Options for Your Prefabricated Vestibule

In addition to the security features chosen by Bank of America, prefabricated vestibules can also be equipped with:

  • Exterior lighting to illuminate surrounding area at night
  • Doors outfitted with keypads or card readers for improved access control.

That way, anyone who is not supposed to be around or inside the building during off-hours is kept out.

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