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Custom-Designed Facilities Support Heightened Security Focus in Food Processing and Distribution Industry

Steel Security Building

In recent years, the United States has updated its food security models giving food processing and distribution facilities the opportunity to strengthen their security measures and prevent potential acts of intentional contamination. Food safety awareness has also been further heightened by worldwide aspects related to terrorist and bioterrorist activities.

When is comes to implementing security plans, careful precise planning is a definite must. Every inch of a processing or distribution plant must be accounted for in terms of total operational awareness and coverage. For company staff assigned the responsibility of laying out security, guard and access control systems, there’s nothing more important than attention to detail.

The very detail-driven nature of security lends itself well to custom products that can be built efficiently to suit any prescribed design. St. Louis-based modular and prefabricated building manufacturer Porta-King Building Systems provides the food processing and distribution industry with custom guard booths, buildings, towers and platforms designed to suit new and existing layouts demanding a specific set of dimensions, options and features to be effective. The company has been in the business of manufacturing custom security facilities for some 40 years.

Porta-King offers custom design as a standard, because it allows customers a key component of their overall plan that will work around their existing framework. Providing a wide-variety of security products is a unique aspect of our business. What works for one particular customer’s layout and schematics will more than likely not be an exact fit for the next customer – that’s why we provide custom design solutions at no additional cost.

Porta-King customers can also choose between galvanized steel and anodized aluminum construction. Most Porta-King guard building models can also be designed to include ballistic rated construction. On-site installation and field support are available to help customers become fully operational as quickly and effectively as possible.

By building our structures in-house and providing the option of off-load and anchoring, we’re able to eliminate the inevitable downtime and hassles that come with traditional construction. Turnkey installation and field support give customers the efficiency and quality they require.

Porta-King manufactures a full line of prefabricated towers and platforms to create elevated guard booths and buildings. Our structural steel mezzanine systems are a cost-effective way to add pre-engineered height and perspective in order to elevate security personnel for an unrestricted view of an entire operation.

Porta-King has been a leader in custom-designed buildings and shelters since 1969. In addition to guard buildings and towers, Porta-King manufactures pre-fabricated buildings, a full line of modular buildings, enclosures and modular wall systems, shelters along with structural mezzanines and towers. Porta-King buildings provide shelter, storage and security solutions for virtually any working environment.

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